NINA in DUMBO: A Fusion of Mediterranean Delights and Community Spirit

NINA in Jambo

The bustling neighborhood of DUMBO in Brooklyn is set to welcome an exciting addition to its vibrant culinary landscape. On November 30th, NINA, a new restaurant situated at 80 Front Street, will open its doors, promising an all-day dining and nightlife experience curated by Israeli Chef Sagi Azrouel. Marking his New York restaurant debut, Chef Azrouel brings a decade-long background as a private chef for elite global clientele, infusing his expertise into this new venture.

NINA stands as a demonstration of Gourmet specialist Azrouel’s culinary excursion, established in the Mediterranean flavors and motivations from his childhood in Ashdod, Israel. His culinary way of thinking spins around straightforwardness, complementing the appeal of new, occasional vegetables, energetic plates of mixed greens, and fastidiously pre-arranged fish and meats that tempt both the eyes and the sense of taste. Underscoring the meaning of show and taste, Gourmet expert Azrouel’s way of dealing with cooking epitomizes a combination of custom and innovation, conveying an extraordinary feasting experience.

Nina in Dumbo

The 162-seat restaurant flaunts a climate intended to cultivate local area associations, including cozy spaces likened to “minimal lounges.” These regions energize sociability, taking into consideration bunch feasting, comfortable discussions, and encouraging a feeling of neighborhood brotherhood. Adding to its appeal are two bars and floor-to-roof windows that implant the space with normal light, making it an intriguing spot for local people and travelers the same.

NINA’s menu reflects Culinary specialist Azrouel’s obligation to lively, empowering, and paramount dishes. From smoked eggplant carpaccio to tahini fish kababs, conventional meat stews to warm challah, and toasted pine nut hummus, the contributions guarantee a variety of flavors to satisfy different palates. Besides, the eatery intends to present custom-made bread and pasta, further upgrading its culinary collection.

This new pursuit, initiated by restaurateur Anna Castellani, marks her re-visitation of the previous Foragers space, implanting new energy into the core of DUMBO. Castellani’s profound connections to the area, established in her previous foundation, the DUMBO Corner store, grandstand her obligation to make public spaces that take care of the developing necessities of the territory. With NINA, she tries to give a space where everybody feels appreciated, from the morning surge of business groups to families looking for a casual supper and the enthusiastic evening time revelers.

NINA will initially open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday, with plans to expand to breakfast, lunch, and vinyl brunch. The restaurant aims to become a culinary cornerstone, complementing existing eateries and offering yet another compelling reason for residents and visitors to linger and dine within the vibrant confines of DUMBO.

With its fusion of culinary finesse, community-centric ambiance, and Chef Azrouel’s culinary artistry, NINA is poised to carve its niche as a must-visit dining destination in Brooklyn, inviting patrons to embark on a sensorial journey through vibrant flavors and conviviality.

NINA is located at 80 Front Street, Brooklyn, inviting all to savor a distinctive culinary experience starting November 30th.