2023 New York MICHELIN Guide Unveils Stellar Restaurants

Stellar Restaurant

New York City’s culinary scene continues to shine brighter with the recent unveiling of the 2023 MICHELIN Guide stars. In a city celebrated for its diverse gastronomy, boasting over 400 MICHELIN Guide restaurants, this year’s additions further enrich its vibrant culinary tapestry.

The 2023 MICHELIN Guide New York Ceremony brought forth a dozen new stars: 8 One Stars, 2 Two Stars, and 2 Green Stars, each offering an array of tantalizing flavors. Among the notable recipients, odo ascended from One Star to Two Star status, captivating diners with an intimate kaiseki experience meticulously crafted by Chef Hiroki Odo. Meanwhile, the newly anointed One Stars introduce a fusion of culinary delights—from French-inspired dishes with Asian undertones at Essential by Christophe to Meju’s personal menu featuring traditional Korean ingredients like Miyazaki beef and Niman Ranch pork. Adding a green hue to the Michelin galaxy, Dirt Candy and Family Meal at Blue Hill champion vegetable-centric cuisine, sustainable supply chains, and impart a commitment to education in sustainability through their culinary offerings.

Regardless of the accolades bestowed upon these establishments, one constant prevails—an abundance of inventive and delectable dishes await discerning palates across New York City. Bon appétit!


Cuisine: Japanese

odo offers a serene ambiance for the well-informed diner, providing an intimate counter space separated from the front cocktail bar, fostering an atmosphere of closeness. Chef Hiroki Odo curates a kaiseki menu that skillfully amalgamates tradition with creative nuances, resulting in a dining experience that is far from conventional. The flavors resonate with vibrancy and precision, a testament to impeccably sourced ingredients and meticulous preparation. From impeccably cooked tilefish in a savory broth accentuated with locally grown yuzu to house-made soba noodles paired with indulgent salmon roe, each dish lingers as a memorable culinary creation.

Sushi Noz

Cuisine: Japanese

Sushi Noz exudes an energy reminiscent of a sacred Japanese haven, meticulously recreating an intimate dining sanctuary. Chef Nozomu Abe, a meticulous and engaging craftsman, presents meticulously prepared dishes such as pearly sea perch with fresh ponzu dipping sauce and miso soup featuring silky-soft eel “noodles.” The sushi, akin to jewels, epitomizes Japanese hospitality, leaving guests with a sense of gratitude accompanied by the staff’s kimono-clad presence.


Cuisine: Contemporary

Nestled behind sister restaurant Oiji Mi, bōm introduces contemporary Korean cuisine, showcasing meticulous attention to detail, elegant service, and impeccably executed dishes. Beyond premium beef offerings, the menu unfolds with captivating narratives and stunning presentations. Notable dishes include gamtae cradling sweet bluefin tuna with delicate cubes of Hudson Valley foie gras, highlighting the flawless ingredients and harmonious flavor profiles.

Essential by Christophe

Cuisine: French Contemporary

Beyond heavy iron doors lies Essential by Christophe, a modern restaurant ensconced at the base of a classic townhouse. Chef Christophe Bellanca’s dishes exude simple elegance, incorporating French techniques infused with Asian flavors, exemplified by dishes like plump white asparagus on a bergamot-flavored crème and braised black sea bass with shiitake chutney.


Cuisine: Japanese

Situated at the base of the majestic One Vanderbilt, Jōji sets high expectations as an omakase spot steeped in tradition but devoid of stuffiness. With a team trained at Masa, the restaurant offers meticulously prepared dishes showcasing a selection of fish largely sourced from Toyosu Market, culminating in an experience that strikes all the right chords.


Cuisine: Korean

Hidden behind a banchan shop in Long Island City, Meju operates as both a chef’s counter and a classroom. Chef Hooni Kim curates a deeply personal menu featuring traditionally aged Korean ingredients, impressing guests with strikingly minimalist yet carefully calibrated dishes.

Restaurant Yuu

Cuisine: French Contemporary

Restaurant Yuu entices diners with a seductive dark color palette and a balletic open kitchen choreography. Chef Yuu Shimano presents classically French dishes through the lens of Japanese omotenashi, treating patrons to around 20 courses that showcase decadent bites like toasted brioche with foie gras and binchotan-seared wagyu.


Cuisine: Israeli

Shmoné punches above its weight, offering neo-Levantine cuisine in a small, sleek space. The daily changing menu, reliant on grilling techniques, unveils memorable dishes like thin slices of hamachi and flatiron Wagyu, exuding impressively dialed-in flavors.

Sushi Ichimura

Cuisine: Japanese

Chef Eiji Ichimura’s dedication to edomae-style omakase defines Sushi Ichimura, where meticulousness reigns behind a 10-seat counter. Chef Ichimura works meticulously, slicing fish flown in from Japan three times a week, ensuring a memorable dining experience for regulars and newcomers alike.


Cuisine: Contemporary

Within the Puck Building, Torrisi exudes charm and creativity, offering an imaginative yet familiar culinary journey. Dishes like escarole and endive salad and chicken stracciatella soup elevate familiar flavors, while the boule filled with clams showcases aromatic perfection.

Dirt Candy

Cuisine: Vegetarian

As one of the two new Green Star recipients, Dirt Candy champions a vegetarian menu, advocating for a meat-free supply chain and altering diners’ perceptions about vegetables. Emphasizing local and seasonal produce and supporting local suppliers, the restaurant reduces its carbon footprint while prioritizing employee welfare.

Family Meal at Blue Hill

Cuisine: American

The other Green Star recipient, Family Meal at Blue Hill, focuses on vegetable-centric cuisine complemented by grains, legumes, and dairy, with meat and fish in supporting roles. The restaurant emphasizes relationships with local farmers to curate a menu that encourages sustainability education among its staff.