Pepsi Showcases Bold New Logo and Launches Global Takeover of Iconic Landmarks

Pepsi, preparing to support a variety of cultural moments throughout 2024, has showcased a brand-new logo update, marking its first visual identity change in 14 years.

Adopting its “Thirsty for More” philosophy, which supports any non-traditional forms of entertainment, the company has taken over famous sites by installing enormous digital installations that display the redesigned logo in various contexts. In keeping with its long history of supporting musical acts, Pepsi has set up shop next to The O2 arena in London. From the cable cars that pass by, one can see the inflatable cans rising out of the River Thames, accompanied by a light show.

The can stood tall at the UNESCO heritage site AlUla in Saudi Arabia, Egypt’s River Nile, and in addition to channeling the immersive technology at several other locations, including an interactive digital mural in Australia. A hot air showcase made up of over 70 balloons, flew over the vibrant skylines of Warsaw, Poland, and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

The logo refresh itself pays tribute to how widely used its forebears were. In addition to honoring its rich legacy by looking back, it also looks forward by fusing contemporary elements with its essential identity. 

The classic Pepsi color scheme is given a modern twist with the addition of Electric Blue and Black to the updated palette, elevating the iconic Pepsi pulse to create a “ripple, pop, and fizz” effect.

The Pepsi text has always been outside of the iconic globe made of red, white, and blue throughout the logo’s evolution from the 1990s to the present. The brand asked its fans to sketch the logo as they remembered it as part of the design process for this visual update, and even though it hasn’t been inside a globe for more than 30 years, the majority of them included the text inside, which gave Pepsi the idea to return it to its original form.