Porsche’s Latest Collaboration with Singapore-based Mandala Club

Mandala Club

Porsche is a well-known car brand celebrated for its quality, performance, and looks. It is manufactured by a German automobile manufacturer, which is headquartered in Stuttgart, Wurttemberg, Germany.

As per the news, Porsche has announced that the company will collaborate with Mandala Club Singapore, a private member’s club for the elite. 

You may wonder what this is all about. It is the first time that Mandala Club has partnered with a sports car brand, and the ground floor of Mandala Club will be converted into a retail space that will exhibit several Porsche and its related things.

Mandala Club

Through this partnership and exhibition, the Singapore Porsche team aims to engage its fans and customers via planned activities. In addition to the exhibition of cars, renowned artist Daniel Arsham’s amazing work will be displayed at the event.

Arsham has given a splendid look to a Porsche 992 generation 911 Carrera 4S with his meticulous art. His work on the car includes that exterior of the car shows signs of erosion unveiling quarts and pyrite crystals on its roof, door, and hood.

This work is called Crystal Eroded Porsche 992. 

Mandala Club CEO and Co-Founder Ben Jones said: Our collaboration aligns perfectly with the Mandala Club’s commitment to the arts, culture, and meaningful connections of its vibrant membership community. I cannot wait to make it happen with my first collaboration.

“Porsche and Mandala Club share similar values ​​of creating unique experiences and providing conducive spaces for community gatherings, and we are honored to become Mandala Club’s first automotive partner. Leveraging this creative partnership, we hope to showcase the rich and vibrant culture behind the brand to the Mandala Club tribe while also being part of a series of carefully curated events and experiences,” said Yannick Ott, Marketing Director, Porsche Asia Pacific.

The Crystal Eroded Porsche 992 will be exhibited on the ground floor of Mandala Club beginning on 6 January 2023 till 15 January 2023.