PowerPlant Portable Charger

– Recently we were introduced to Nomad Goods – a California-based company supplying portable charging accessories. They take an innovative approach to their product line by designing pieces that are both functional and fashionable – in a cool nomadic way.

The collection ranges from Apple Watch straps and charging bases, to portable cables and batteries.

We fell in love with the “PowerPlant” portable charger, taking it along with us on our travels through Bali.  The PowerPlant is a 12,000 mAh Li-Ion battery encased in solid American walnut wood. From it’s appearance you wouldn’t even think it was a charger, nevertheless that it can charge any device via a standard USB connection. It also has two charging ports, just in case your friend or other device needs some extra juice on the go!

During our travels we were adventuring non-stop, so the PowerPlant came in perfect handy for days spent exploring. It is truly compact, lightweight, and super convenient to carry along.

For those of you looking for a strong and reliable portable charger – this is it!

You can shop the PowerPlant and other items from the collection by visiting Nomad Goods official website, HelloNomad.com



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