Private Island near Helsinki Offers a Modern Take on Island Living

Tucked away in the southern reaches of Finland, a private island known as Remmarholmen provides a unique haven for those seeking a seafaring escape, all while maintaining easy access to civilization.

Nestled in the Gulf of Finland, Remmarholmen spans five acres and boasts three contemporary buildings, artfully concealed among the serene pine trees. Accessible by a brief 10-minute boat ride from the mainland or a convenient 50-minute drive from Helsinki, this island retreat even accommodates helicopter landings through its robust boat jetty.

Designed in 2012 by the local architect Joanna Maury-Ahola, this island compound is a manifestation of the Scandinavian archipelago lifestyle with a modern twist, blending in new technology. The property is represented by selling agent Tea Käyhkö of Snellman Sotheby’s International Realty, who describes it as “a place of complete tranquility, offering stunning horizon views and the chance to connect with your inner thoughts.”

The main house on the island features two bedrooms, a minimalist and open-plan interior, a soothing natural color palette, extensive terraces, and breathtaking vistas. Its living spaces are enveloped by walls of windows, capturing both sunsets and sunrises, the surrounding pine trees, and the expansive sea beyond. High-quality natural materials such as stone, granite, glass, oak, pine, and rusted Corten steel grace the interiors.

Käyhkö elaborated, “Every detail has been meticulously designed for optimal functionality, while still exuding simplicity and minimalism.”

Meandering through the pine groves are Siberian larch walkways, connecting the main house to the guest house and sauna, as well as offering access to the boat jetty and the rocky shoreline.

Remmarholmen operates on geothermal energy and boasts its own desalination system for drinking water, along with a sustainable wastewater system.

The property encompasses three bedrooms (two in the main house and one in the guest house), three bathrooms, an open-plan kitchen and dining area, and a sunken living room complete with a contemporary fireplace. In total, the island spans five scenic acres.

Apart from the main residence, Remmarholmen includes a modern one-bedroom guest house and a detached sauna. There are also beachside storage facilities for hobby equipment and supplies and an outdoor shower near the main house. The spacious jetty is equipped to accommodate substantial boats, as confirmed by the selling agent.

Situated in the Porkkala peninsula region, Remmarholmen is a haven for sailing, fishing, hiking, and birdwatching, located just 30 miles southwest of Helsinki. The vicinity offers numerous boat marinas, with the largest one only a brief 10- to 15-minute sail from Remmarholmen.