Raise a Glass to History with the New Pink Gin from the Royal Collection Commemorating King Charles’s Coronation

Royal Collection

The Royal Collection, the official collection of art and treasures belonging to the British royal family, has announced a new addition to its line of spirits: a pink gin that will commemorate the upcoming coronation of King Charles.

The new gin is made in small batches by the Harrogate Tipple distillery, using a recipe that includes botanicals from the gardens of the royal family’s residences, including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. The gin is also infused with quince, a fruit that is said to have been a favorite of King Charles I.

The bottle for the new gin features a design inspired by the coronation regalia, with a pink and gold color scheme that is said to be a nod to the colors of the Order of the Garter, the highest order of chivalry in the United Kingdom.

The release of the pink gin is part of a long-standing tradition of commemorative spirits in the Royal Collection. Previous releases have included a range of whiskies and gins, each with its own unique design and recipe.

The new gin will be available for purchase starting in April 2022, just a few weeks before the coronation of King Charles. It is expected to be a popular item among collectors and enthusiasts of royal memorabilia.

In addition to the new gin, the Royal Collection also offers a range of other products inspired by the royal family, including china, jewelry, and books. The collection is a key part of the British monarchy’s cultural heritage and is housed in a number of royal residences and museums throughout the country.

The release of the pink gin is just one of many ways that the royal family is celebrating the coronation of King Charles. The ceremony is expected to be a grand and elaborate affair, steeped in centuries of tradition and pageantry.

Overall, the new pink gin from the Royal Collection is a unique and special addition to the world of commemorative spirits. With its bespoke recipe, beautiful design, and historical significance, it is sure to be a must-have item for collectors and enthusiasts of royal memorabilia.