Residence Yacht Club: Redefining Maritime Luxury and Exclusive Living

Embarking on a revolutionary journey, Residence Yacht Club, led by nightlife and media luminary Eric Levin, heralds a paradigm shift in maritime living. The leadership of Residence Yacht Club is an impressive collective, blending a combined fifty years of experience in luxury real estate, entertainment, and hospitality. Mark Blackburn, the founder of South Florida’s most prestigious Luxury Residential Property Management Company, and Chance Levin, the “Next Generation” in the luxury experience platform, join this distinguished group. Together, they bring expertise in strategic marketing, business development, and the operation of iconic luxury properties, all while making significant contributions to the South Florida community.

In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Levin envisioned a luxury yachting experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Rooted in Levin’s legacy in Miami Beach’s 1990s nightlife, Residence Yacht Club caters to both annual travelers and local South Florida members, delivering a first-class service with a fleet of elite yachts ranging from 50 ft. to 105 ft.

Membership in this exclusive club ensures a seamless experience with a dedicated team guiding every step of the charter. Rigorous vetting guarantees a respectful clientele, fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the sea. Safety takes precedence with comprehensive sanitation procedures before and after each voyage. Members enjoy around-the-clock concierge assistance, requiring only a few hours’ notice for unforgettable sea adventures.

Strategic collaborations with prestigious properties like Fisher Island and The Continuum, along with renowned hotels, position Residence Yacht Club as a leader in the industry. Leveraging these partnerships, the club offers practical and cost-effective charters, with a cost-per-charter significantly lower than traditional options. A fleet of fifteen vessels, including the 92ft Hargrave, the brand-new 95 ft Princess, and more, provides members with a range of options. Complimentary upgrades are offered if their preferred vessel is unavailable.

Residence Yacht Club’s commitment extends beyond the sea, providing a Sprinter vehicle for convenient transportation to and from the charter. Additionally, members can rent these vehicles for personal use. With partnerships extending to prominent hospitality brands, the club offers a white-glove experience that goes beyond typical charter services. The intimate membership structure fosters a personalized approach, ensuring members feel a sense of ownership over their maritime adventures.

Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of luxury condominium living, Residence Yacht Club forms visionary partnerships with developers, reshaping the essence of exclusive condominiums across South Florida. This groundbreaking collaboration sets a new standard of sophistication and aquatic opulence, redefining the condo lifestyle by granting exclusive access to a fleet of elite vessels for bespoke explorations of the bay and beyond.

This visionary concept, showcased through partnerships with luxury towers like The St. Regis Residences, Miami, and Waldorf Astoria Residences Pompano Beach, transforms residences into an epitome of refined living. The integration of exclusive yacht services enhances residential allure and marketability, offering residents seamless Yacht Club memberships and personalized charter voyages that embody luxury, leisure, and exclusivity.

At the heart of this luxury narrative is Residence Yacht Club’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Ownership and management of an exclusive fleet ensure precise, quality-controlled service. Residents luxuriate in a portfolio of prestigious vessels, complemented by door-to-dock transportation and a plethora of onboard activities, reshaping condo living into a waterfront escapade.

The success story extends to developments like Andare Residences by Pininfarina, epitomizing coastal elegance by seamlessly integrating exclusive yacht services into its offerings. By recognizing the magnetic allure of yachting in coastal paradises, this development extends privileged access to world-class marinas and amenities, enriching its appeal among discerning residents.

Residence Yacht Club’s fusion of yachting excellence within ultra-luxury developments transcends the ordinary. Premium yacht memberships offer exclusive experiences, aligning seamlessly with the desires of buyers seeking holistic lifestyle experiences synonymous with South Florida’s aquatic grandeur. In essence, Residence Yacht Club emerges as the orchestrator of exquisite living, seamlessly blending opulence, waterfront allure, and the vibrant essence of South Florida’s yachting culture, thereby redefining condominium living as an unrivaled symphony of luxury.

In a strategic collaboration with Haute Jets, Residence Yacht Club is proud to introduce Residence Jet Club, providing members with seamless aviation travel. Offering direct access to a managed fleet with exclusive membership pricing and services, this partnership elevates the club’s commitment to unparalleled luxury experiences.