Revolutionary 260ft Superyacht Concept: The ‘Sports Car On The High Seas’

Meet the Superleggera 80, a marvel of design likened to a penthouse apartment and a supercar, all within the confines of a stunning yacht.

This 640-foot floating masterpiece is a visual treat, boasting a contemporary interior design theme centered around a sprawling infinity pool.

Ideal for clientele seeking highly personalized and distinctive yachts without the hassle of delving into tile samples and fabric swatches, the yacht maker has collaborated with 17 interior designers to craft 17 uniquely curated vessels.

Conceived by Hot Lab, a renowned design house based in Milan, the Superleggera 80 draws inspiration from the sleek and bold silhouettes of 1960s automobiles.

Featuring four expansive decks adorned with comfortable couches and bespoke marble tables, the yacht aims to capture the same sense of awe experienced in an expansive penthouse, presenting an open-plan layout with vast living areas.

The pièce de résistance of this yacht is its breathtaking infinity pool, positioned on the second level with a glass bulwark offering panoramic views of the ocean, providing a luxurious and private swimming experience.

The interior is equally impressive, housing six spacious guest suites complementing the opulent owner’s stateroom. Onboard, a fully equipped gym with mirrored walls and a conveniently placed bar awaits.

For those desiring additional amenities, the yacht can be further customized to include a wellness center and a cinema. Notably, Oceanco, the shipyard behind this marvel, is the same that constructed Jeff Bezos’ $500 million superyacht and a megayacht adorned with 600 LED screens on its exterior.