Richard Mille Unveils Flagship Boutique in Singapore

Renowned Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille has introduced its grand flagship store in Singapore, a one-of-a-kind establishment. Nestled within the prestigious Orchard Road district of Singapore, the sprawling 7,500 square feet St. Martin flagship boutique stands as the world’s largest and its first of its kind, marked by a distinctive approach to design and architecture reminiscent of the clandestine cocktail bars from the Prohibition era. The boutique’s concept was brought to life over a three-year span by the brand’s in-house architectural team operating from their headquarters in Paris.

Upon arrival at St. Martin, visitors are greeted by an extended corridor leading to the boutique’s central hub, where a remarkable library takes center stage. This space emulates the ambiance of a luxurious yet comfortable living room, adorned with gracefully curved floor-to-ceiling shelves, which house a carefully curated collection of books spanning a diverse range of subjects.

Alexandre, the brand director and Richard Mille’s son, shared his insights, stating, “This place must feel like entering the mind of Richard Mille, the man. We sought to define his most important ideas and inspirations. My father has an insatiable curiosity, an incredible capacity for openness, even though his extremely generous and humane personality is also very complex. The idea was to sum up this multifaceted personality in one place.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that future Richard Mille boutiques or spaces will not aim to replicate the distinctive design of the Singapore store. Rather, they intend to draw from the thought process behind its creation and how it served as inspiration, translating those principles to other locations.

The library area opens access to a total of 11 distinct spaces, each with its unique character. These include a sports bar, a dining room, an outdoor Moroccan-inspired patio, and even a concealed library. One notable feature is the open crafting space, where the brand’s watch experts offer after-sales service, right before the eyes of the clients. In contrast, the restaurant or dining room boasts an expansive six-meter oval table and is seamlessly linked to a professionally equipped kitchen.

The entire flagship boutique stands as an embodiment of Richard Mille’s philosophy. The brand, co-founded in 2001 by Dominique Guenat and Richard Mille, is headquartered in Les Breuleux, in the Canton of Jura, Switzerland. It has earned acclaim for its avant-garde watches, prized for their exceptional lightweight properties and shock resistance, making them ideal for individuals with active and adventurous lifestyles. Richard Mille has been a stalwart supporter of numerous sports celebrities and even assumed the title sponsor role for the Ferrari F1 team in 2021.