Rimowa and Lebron James Develop a 12-Bottle Wine Case

Lebron James x Rimowa Release Bottle Case
Photo Credit: LRMR Ventures

Lebron is already known for possibly being one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but most people aren’t aware of his fascination for wine. Lebron has mentioned that he indulges in a nice glass of wine just about every night before he goes to bed. In what may appear to be an unlikely pairing, Lebron has worked with a luggage brand RIMOWA previously. For the new product endeavor, Lebron was inspired by an archived luxury luggage piece that carried wine bottles and other accessories along with it. Rimowa

From one thought to the next, a stunning collaboration came about. The finished case is in RIMOWA’s signature anodized grooved aluminum, along with beautiful Micro Fiber stretched across the interior, leaving a minimal yet luxurious feel. This case has a capacity of 12 slots that store a variety of bottle types, all the way from your favorite champagnes to red wines.

If you’re a wine lover and enjoy having an excellent selection during your travels, a case like this will serve you right.

This fabulous wine case retails at $9,900 USD; soon enough, many will have the privilege to purchase this unique collaboration in the upcoming months.