The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection has revealed its latest opulent addition, the Luminara, marking the renowned hotel brand’s largest luxury liner yet, stretching 794 feet in length.

In 2018, Ritz-Carlton made a significant leap into the world of luxury travel, expanding beyond its prestigious hotels to bring the same level of service, amenities, and grandeur to the high seas. The Luminara, influenced by superyacht aesthetics, will join the esteemed Evrima and Ilma ships, commencing its maiden voyage from Barcelona in 2025.

Jim Murren, the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection’s executive chairman and CEO, expressed, “With Luminara, we aren’t merely introducing another superyacht to our fleet; we’re broadening the horizons of ultra-luxury travel. Luminara beckons travelers to embark on extraordinary journeys, discovering the world’s most captivating destinations while relishing unparalleled amenities and service.”

Accommodating up to 452 guests, the luxury maritime venture offers a choice of 226 suites, each varying in exclusivity and spaciousness.

Among the ship’s lodging options, the Owner’s Suite floorplan stands out as an epitome of elegance, featuring private dining and living areas, a personal terrace, and a lavish double vanity bathroom. Moreover, guests can indulge in 24-hour in-suite dining and customize their minibar to suit their preferences—ideal for selecting a fine luxury Scotch or other desired beverages.

The Residential Suite lives up to its name, offering ample space, a bespoke “luxury custom king bed sleep system,” and an elegant living and dining area.

Beyond the ship’s confines, its inaugural voyage in July 2025 from Spain will traverse exotic locales such as Saint-Tropez and Monte Carlo.

The cruise experience extends to luxurious onboard dining and impeccable personalized service. The Ritz-Carlton emphasizes that the ship’s interiors seamlessly blend the refined residential ambiance of The Ritz-Carlton ashore with the innovative design essence of the world’s most stylish yachts.