+140m Lürssen Superyacht Ali Baba Reveal in a Premiere Appearance

The Lürssen superyacht Ali Baba, boasting an approximate length of +140 meters, was recently unveiled prematurely at the Lürssen Bremen Lemwerder facility in Germany. This remarkable vessel was last spotted in May 2022, emerging from the construction shed in anticipation of its assembly. Since its inception in 2019, details surrounding Ali Baba have been shrouded in secrecy, intensifying the allure of this opulent creation.

The debut images of Ali Baba showcase Lürssen’s distinctive elongated bow, characterized by angular contours and striking exterior features, contributing to the vessel’s commanding presence. Spanning four expansive decks, the yacht seamlessly combines elegance with a robust military aesthetic, exuding an air of sophistication and strength that captivates onlookers and enthusiasts alike.

Ali Baba gained attention when a technical malfunction of the dock gate caused water to surge out, consequently nudging the yacht’s bow against the dock curtain. Despite this unexpected incident, the craftsmanship and resilience of this superyacht remained undeterred, a testament to the engineering prowess behind its construction.

Subsequently, Ali Baba will undergo meticulous completion at the Lürssen facilities in Hamburg, ensuring the finest standards of luxury and functionality are met. Concurrently, thorough inspections and repairs will be conducted at the Bremen-Aumund dock, affirming the commitment to safety and precision in maritime engineering.

According to SYT iQ, Lürssen Yachts currently leads an impressive array of ongoing projects, including the +130-meter superyacht Deep Blue, the 82-meter superyacht Cali, and the groundbreaking 114-meter fuel cell-powered superyacht Cosmos. The continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence solidifies Lürssen’s position at the forefront of superyacht construction, setting benchmarks for ingenuity and grandeur on the open seas.