Royal Asscher ‘Stars of Africa’ Ring

The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine presents the Royal Asscher ‘Stars of Africa’ Ring at Maddaloni Jewelers.

“Royal Asscher has a legendary history of innovation and an unblemished ethical record in the world of diamonds.”  This is Royal Asschers reputation in the Jewelry Industry. It all began in 1854 with Joseph Isaac Asscher, known as an artisan in the diamond industry.  He established the I.J Asscher Diamond Company and passed down his expertise to his two sons, Joseph and Abraham, who become two of the 20th century’s most impressive diamond experts. In 1902 Joseph Asscher upheld his father’s reputation for skill and innovation by designing the original Asscher cut.

Since, Royal Asscher has continued to innovate and design exceptional jewelry.  The ‘Stars of Africa’ Collection perfectly exemplifies this attention to design and innovation.  Pictured here is the Classic Stars 2b model in 18kt Yellow Gold. With a split shank containing .20crt diamonds pave set, the dome features .6ocrt brilliant floating diamonds.  There are few pieces of jewelry that can compare to this, and nothing quite like seeing it in person.

The Royal Asscher Collection is Available at Maddaloni Jewelers.


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