Saudi Arabia’s NEOM Project Will Include a Ski Resort Called Trojena

Saudi Arabia's Neom project

Saudi Arabia’s Neom project The resort will be located in the mountainous region of the country, about 31 miles off the Gulf of Aqaba coast, and will span an area of 540 square miles. The elevations in the region range from 4,900 feet to 8,500 feet, and temperatures can fall below zero degrees Celsius in the winter, making it a suitable location for a ski resort. The construction of the ski village is set to begin this year and will feature a public plaza and residential components around it.

The resort will be equipped to host a variety of events, including sporting events, art exhibitions, concerts, and cultural festivals. The NEOM project aims to attract over five million visitors by 2030 and will offer high-end retail and dining experiences. The resort will also feature a hotel with an eight-story vertical core, each offering a different microclimate and art experience, as well as a cinema hall, farm-to-table restaurant, and rooftop restaurant with a pool. In addition to these amenities, the resort will contain six distinctive development districts, including Gateway, Discover, Valley, Explore, Relax, and Fun, all set in their natural landscapes to offer unique experiences.

Saudi Arabia's Neom project

The ski resort is just one part of the larger NEOM project, which is aimed at transforming Saudi Arabia from an oil-dependent economy to a new way of life powered by renewable energies. As part of this effort, the project is looking to develop a world-class tourism sector in the region. The ski resort is intended to be a year-round destination and will even potentially host the Asian Winter Games in 2029 if the country can submit a winning bid.

American engineering firm Bechtel has been appointed as the project manager for the ski resort development. The company has stated that the resort will be a centerpiece in the Kingdom’s tourist-driven 2030 development goals and will even potentially host the Asian Winter Games in 2029 if the country can submit a winning bid. With its unique location and wide range of amenities and experiences, the Trojena ski resort is sure to be a must-visit destination for both winter sports enthusiasts and tourists looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation experience.