VistaJet Offers Worldwide New Year’s Eve Starting from Tokyo and Ending in Los Angeles


There are three inevitabilities at dawn in December. Winter is here, the holiday season is in full swing, and VistaJet, of course the final night of the party: New Year’s Eve. You order champagne all over again, pull out your most glamorous evening wear, and desperately try to organize your New Year’s plans.

It is not your first time having a good time, but VistaJet offers to jump across multiple time zones and celebrate the midnight hour for a few hours. Its flagship aircraft, the Global 7500, allows it to fly a whopping 17 hours without stopping for refueling, making the VistaJet perfect for her exciting entry and re-entry into 2023.

An especially proposed route runs from Tokyo to Los Angeles in two of the world’s greatest metropolises. Based on opposite sides of the world, the two-party cities are separated by 17 different time zones. It means you can start the celebration in Tokyo, and celebrate all over again in California.

However, what you do on board is another matter altogether. Again, VistaJet has the answer. Customers of the world’s first and only global business airline know that the brand is specifically dedicated to its gastronomic skills, and New Year’s Eve just raises the stakes if not the steak.

With tables crafted using porcelain tableware, crystal glass, and exclusive designer Christofle Silver, VistaJet will employ the world’s most popular Michelin-starred chefs to curate dishes exclusively for VistaJet customers.

VistaJet also prepares for the possibility that some downtime may be required after boarding. With cabin keepers trained at England’s Norland Nanny College, a favorite of the British royal family, to care for your little one, the Ultimate Sky Sleep package has everything you need for a good rest, from hypoallergenic duvets and pillows to 400 threads, everything is included, even Count Egyptian cotton sheets.