Sialia Yachts Unveils High-Tech Electric Explorer Yacht

In a bold move to expand its eco-friendly fleet, Sialia Yachts has introduced the Sialia 80 Explorer, its most technologically advanced yacht to date. This innovative vessel was conceived through a collaboration with the renowned Dutch naval architecture firm, Vripack, showcasing Sialia’s commitment to pioneering electric cruising solutions.

Spanning an impressive 87 feet in length and constructed from premium-grade titanium, the Sialia 80 Explorer is engineered to excel under challenging conditions. It is equipped with an advanced AMPROS propulsion system powered by dual 400 kW electric motors, enabling speeds of up to 11 knots and a remarkable range exceeding 3,000 nautical miles.

Stanislav Szadkowski, co-founder and CEO of Sialia Yachts, emphasizes the shift towards sustainable yachting practices, stating, “The journey towards eco-conscious yachting, though still emerging, is crucial and inevitable. Our collective dedication to a more sustainable future shapes the pace of this transformation. The Sialia 80 Explorer embodies our vision for environmentally friendly exploration, offering a seamless blend of performance and minimal ecological footprint for adventures to the planet’s most secluded corners.”

Under Vripack’s expert supervision, the yacht marries practicality with cutting-edge design. It can host up to 12 guests within its four luxurious cabins, including two dedicated crew berths. Unique design elements, such as direct beach club access from the master cabin and expansive mullion-free windows, ensure a spacious and luminous interior.

Joost Mertens, Vripack’s fleet and sales manager, advocates for a comprehensive design philosophy, noting, “Adopting an integrated approach to yacht design not only enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality but also promotes efficient and secure voyaging… This comprehensive design ethos is what defines the best yachting investment.”

The Sialia 80 Explorer is a distinguished addition to Sialia’s environmentally conscious lineup, which also features the Sialia 59 Loft and Sialia 59 Launch, developed by an international team from Poland, France, The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland.