Skeleton Concept Teams Up With World FIFA Champion Blaise Matuidi To Introduce The Matuidi – A New Limited Edition Technical Complication

True to their brand slogan, Skeleton Concept really did go “beyond our expectations” with their latest customization timepiece –  a concept created with and for world FIFA champion and former Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus player, Blaise Matudi. 

World FIFA Champion Blaise Matuidi In Collaboration with Skeleton Concept, Introduces New Limited Edition Technical Complication of Rolex GMT Master II

“Blaise Matuidi’s only directive was to create a timepiece that would be elegant and classy one that would also reflect the football universe but without being ostentatious.” reports the brand.  Together with the player, they opted to customize a Rolex GMT 116710LN Master-II, a watch that has the particularity of being complexed to customize due to its 2 complications- the extra GMT Time zone and date disc. 

Expert eyes will tell you this category of watches are a feat to customize, yet the result is very impressive. Featuring this personalization, Skeleton Concept’s master watchmakers have entirely skeletonized the movement, including the cutout of the dial to add extra sophistication to the original model. The automatic winding module has also been reshaped and refined in such a way that it offers amplitude and volume to the overall movement. “We like to describe it as moving from a 2D to a 3D watch – suddenly when you look at it, the timepiece has volume, has life. It’s fascinating.”  

The Matuidi - Skeleton Concept Customized Rolex GMT Master II Designed With Blaise Matuidi

As for the color palette, a beautiful yet subtle matte green was chosen for the dial and the oscillating weight, to smartly remind of the lawns of the football stadium – a wink to Matuidi’s career. The combination of this specific color with the monochrome ceramic black bezel and the case and bracelet that are both made of a sumptuous Oyster steel matte gray, makes out of this timepiece an example of elegance and sophistication without crossing the lines of extravagance. It surely fits Matuidi’s personality more accurately than if they had chosen a bright flashy green. A choice we can only approve of. 

Luminescent Intra-ceramic Lazer Glass on The Matuidi - A New Skeletonized Complication of the Rolex GMT Master II

One more particularity worth mentioning is the added luminescent intra-ceramic lazer glass that covers this concept’s dial. This specific material illuminates the entire movement once in the dark, thus accentuating the sensation of volume and depth to the movement: “The person who wears it, will get the illusion of owning a totally different watch at night. It’s the first time we add luminescent ceramic glass to one of our customizations. We love the result so we will definitely continue to play with this material more in the future”, promises the brand. 

Skeleton Concept is also known for adding extra little symbolic touches to their customizations, and the Matuidi Concept is no exception to the rule. They have chosen to emphasize the “14” in green on the date module, since it was Matuidi’s player number for most of his career. A special nod that must have definitely touched the FIFA champion. 

This personalized concept timepiece is  a limited edition of 40 pieces only available upon preorders.

Skeleton Concept x Blaise Matuidi introduce The Matuidi - A New Skeletonized Complication of the Rolex GMT Master II