Top 5 Underrated Brands You Need to Know & Shop in 2021

1. The VanMan Company 

The VanMan Company is a San Diego-based brand that offers a diverse range of all-natural skincare, haircare and personal care products. Founded in 2021, the emerging wellness company conveys the simplicity of van life through everyday items, including tooth powders, tallow balms, mouthwashes and more. Though many conventional, big-name brands continue to line grocery store shelves with goods containing harmful ingredients such as fluoride and sulfates, The VanMan Company provides alternatives carefully formulated with pure ingredients and free from toxic chemicals. Upon releasing their wildly successful Miracle Tooth Powder, The VanMan Company has since launched a series of products replete with anti-inflammatory, healing benefits.  Underrated Brands

2. Les Fantome Palette

Established in 2021, Les Fantome Palette–which loosely translates to “the ghost palette–is a fast-rising luxury streetwear brand developed by Founder and Designer Kwasi. With garments derived primarily from Los Angeles and France, Les Fantome Palette features a wide array of premium quality graphic tees, sweatshirts, jackets, bottoms and hats. Drawing inspiration from the dark metal aesthetic, the brand has recently launched its long-anticipated Fall 2021 capsule collection, which showcases an assortment of custom handsewn knits, outerwear, trousers and more. 

3. GetMr. 

Created by mother-daughter duo Dr. Beth Goldstein and Elianna Goldstein, GetMr. is a health and wellness brand geared towards helping men cultivate healthier skincare regimens with products designed to reduce UV damage, skin cancer and more. In 2018, after Elianna Goldstein’s father was diagnosed with skin cancer, the mother-daughter team struggled to find SPF products that were accessible, effective and comfortable for him to apply daily. Following extensive research on men’s attitudes and behaviors concerning sunscreen use, the Goldsteins found that while most men rarely use sunscreen regularly, most have implemented other skincare products such as aftershave or moisturizer into their everyday routines. As a result, they developed their idea for a multifaceted, all-in-one men’s skincare item that acts as a daily moisturizer, aftershave and mineral sunscreen—GetMr.’s Daily 3-In-1 Face Lotion. Trusted by dermatologists around the globe, GetMr. has since gained acceptance into a competitive four-month accelerator, partnered with Tennis Pro and Commentator Brad Gilbert and published a peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology.

4. Berra Bites 

Underrated Brands

Berra Bites is a sister-owned snack business inspired by the family’s favorite treat—fresh fruits dipped in chocolate. Looking to replicate nostalgic flavors from their childhood, but as a snackable, portable alternative, the sisters conceived the idea for their dark chocolate-covered fruit snack Berra Bites. Available in two flavors, Mixed Berry and Passion Fruit Kiwi, Berra Bites are non-GMO, gluten-free and made out of 100% real fruit and ethically sourced cocoa with no artificial flavorings or preservatives. 

5. La Foi

Headquartered in London, UK, La Foi provides long-lasting, timeless clothing pieces designed with every woman in mind. The rising fashion brand features an extensive product portfolio with apparel that oozes sophisticated comfort including joggers, sweaters, jumpsuits, leggings and more. La Foi’s clothing is carefully crafted with buttery-soft, stretchy material with sizes that range from XS to XL.