With Smith & Quinn, Functionality and Fashion are Tied Together For The Contemporary Crowd

Smith & Quinn

The seemingly complicated nature of style tends to scare away the average person. But an aspect many of us can identify with is the urge to lead through self expression. The forward facing view of the fashion industry to be inclusive and accessible to everyone is showcased through new and blossoming brands such as Smith & Quinn. This lifestyle brand specializes in providing customers with ready to wear clothing that can be styled for almost any occasion and able to conform to individuality. Smith & Quinn offers everyday, sport, and wedding collections curated to be both stylish and comfortable.

Painting and designing since childhood, head designer Kaeli Quinn, has been polishing her unique vision and creative insight in the fashion industry, going on to study art and fashion in college. The versatility and ready to wear nature of Smith & Quinn designs is what sets them apart from the rest. Their signature S&Q Italian Matte Stretch fabric is buttery soft, super comfortable, flattering on all body types, wrinkle resistant, and machine washable. The name of the game is simplicity, and Smith & Quinn expertly streamlines the styling process so you can dress and dash. You can travel, play golf, lounge, and even go out to your favorite restaurant all in one look. The company has recently rebranded to include menswear as well as a wedding collection, all at reasonable price points. The product diversity provided by Smith & Quinn facilitates the competitive nature the brand propels when being compared to other similar fashion brands. 

The signature prints and patterns of Smith & Quinn are all personally designed in house by Quinn as well along with a creative team. The prints bring an aspect of uniqueness to the versatile styles of the brand and help even the average person express themselves through fashion without sacrificing functionality. Smith & Quinn describes themselves to not only be a fashion brand but a lifestyle brand as well. This idea is seen through the nature of the clothing pieces as being able to be worn for your average lazy day, to a major life event such as a wedding. The brand launched from Annapolis, MD in October of 2020 and has only grown by providing thousands with ready to wear styles at affordable prices. The idea that comfortability, mobility, and aerial design are relics of athletic apparel alone is a thing of the past. Smith & Quinn offers designer prints made with wearable fabrics in styles that don’t immediately scream “athletic”. This versatility makes it the perfect fashion brand for travel, allowing you to lighten up your suitcase with minimal but stylish outfits able to be worn for every occasion. The anti-wrinkle nature of the fabric is another feature that makes this fashion brand extremely wearable. Gone are the days where you have to take your formal attire to the dry cleaners before or after a major event. The brand also offers a custom print program able to be utilized by high end resorts, golf clubs, and specialty stores.. Smith has designed personal styles for over 200 businesses across the country all showcasing the signature S&Q Italian Matte Stretch fabric. This unique aspect of the brand fosters the virtue of self expression further by giving retailers the option to obtain the versatility of Smith & Quinn styles with a more personal touch.

Smith & Quinn Womens Floral Dess


After expanding into several PGA stores and retailers, Smith & Quinn was named one of the top 5 brands at the 2022 PGA show. The brand is a shining example of how the modern view of the fashion industry is starting to create a more inclusive environment. The versatility provided reflects the diverse audience that the brand attracts. Smith & Quinn showcases a small business authenticity tied in with the flair of high fashion. The quality of their products is never compromised for the expansion of the brand. To express one’s self through clothing, one now does not have to sacrifice functionality and affordability. Smith & Quinn is a brand that can  promote self expression to a diverse audience by catering to the needs of the average person while also providing the high fashion element of style. The idea of a wearable, comfortable, and affordable fashion brand is manifested through Smith & Quinn and showcases the evolution of fashion taking place before our eyes in the 21st century.