The Rise of Roger Dubuis: Luxury, Exclusivity, and Innovation

Roger Dubuis, once a hidden gem nestled in one of Switzerland’s lesser-known regions, has risen to global acclaim as the apex of luxury and exclusivity in the watchmaking industry. The luxury Swiss watch brand was founded in 1995 by Roger Dubuis and Carlos Dias. The brand’s success is built on its focus on innovation and exclusivity. Known for their intricate designs, often featuring complex mechanical movements and unique materials, Roger Dubuis watches are highly sought-after by collectors and luxury connoisseurs. The brand has always been exclusive, producing watches in limited quantities, which has made it one of the most expensive and desired watch brands in the world. They have been a pioneer in the use of new materials and technologies, such as carbon fiber and ceramic, which have helped to set their watches apart from competitors. Additionally, the brand’s focus on innovation and craftsmanship of their watches has made Roger Dubuis one of the most coveted and expensive watch brands in the world. The brand’s diverse influences range from architecture, haute couture, and motorsports, and they incorporate the rigorous standards of the Poinçon de Genève for craftsmanship, making their timepieces not only technically impressive but also visually striking, featuring skeletonized dials and a highly contemporary aesthetic.

In 2008, the Richmont Group solidified its position as a leading watchmaker in the world by acquiring Roger Dubuis Watches. Under the Richmont Group’s ownership, the company has consistently produced innovative and visually striking timepieces that have captured the attention and admiration of luxury watch enthusiasts. The company’s CEO, Nicola Andreatta, describes the brand’s approach as creating “something forbidden and something violent” in design, which has been a key driver for the brand’s success. Roger Dubuis continues to push boundaries and take risks with bold design choices, making it clear that the brand will continue to create exciting and unique horological pieces in the future.

Each year, Switzerland produces 30 million watches. Still, only a small percentage, 24,000, are certified with the Hallmark of Geneva, also known as the Poinçon de Genève.

Roger Dubuis sets aside 40% of its production for exclusive pieces that are part of this elite group, each of which features hand-finished movement components in conjunction with a variety of polishing techniques that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also reduce friction and increase durability. These watches also boast exceptional designs that reflect traditional Geneva craftsmanship.

Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini Excalibur Aventador S

This watch is a tribute to Lamborghini’s flagship supercar and is powered by the Duotor movement. The design of this watch is inspired by the powerful V12 engine of Lamborghini cars, and it features not one but two balance wheels arranged in a V-shape, similar to an engine. The placement of the two balance wheels is such that each wheel compensates for the rate errors of the other, resulting in highly accurate timekeeping. The watch is a nod to the iconic Lamborghini brand and its commitment to high-performance engineering.