Introducing Stockinger Safes Chimera Platinum Series

Back in 2015 we introduced you to Stockinger Safes, an ultra-luxury and exclusive safe company with cutting edge design and technology. They set the bar high making their standard safes with an array of features including a multi-wall construction, overleaf locking, stocktronic locking with a network independent locking system, along with a silent alarm.

Chimera Platinum Series

Today we highlight one of their most impressive models, the Chimera Platinum Series, which Stockinger describes as the epitome of a private safe (and we have to agree!). The Chimera series can hold up to 16 individual drawers, offering generous space for watches, jewelry, documents, and other valuables. It’s exterior housing and door comes in a high-gloss or matt varnish with a multitude of colors available. In addition to the main safe compartment, there is also a stocktronic drawer in front for more convenient access. The handle is composed of milled and chromium-plated full brass, with the option for a more luxurious 24k gold-plated finish or a custom design.  From the outside you can already tell the Stockinger Safes Chimera safe is no gimmick, but the inside speaks volumes.  There are four drawer heights available including top-notch inserts for jewelry and watches finished in a luxurious suede. For watch enthusiasts, Beluwo watch winder modules can be integrated to keep your timepieces ticking.  The Chimera Series also boasts an internal illumination system with LED lighting throughout.

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