Stockinger Safes

A Stockinger Safe is more than maximum security and protection; it is about blending elegance and form to provide quality security for our most valued belongings. Equipped with the most up to date Stocktronic technology, Stockinger safes are able to run on separate electricity from your home or office. This not only makes the safe immune from electricity shortage, but it also gives it the ability to link Stocktronic to any alarm system. One of the best features, in addition to operating the safe through a concealed keypad, is it’s silent alarm. By having two codes to open the safe, Stockinger clients are able to chose weather to open the safe and activate the silent alarm or not. This has been proven successful when Stockingers safes were put under strict tests in Germany to pass the EU 1143-1 norm for safes. Being used in test such as homes being exposed to fire and burglary, Stockinger safes earned a high rating of VDS III and IV. This rating has proven to even reduce insurance premium for some.

Stockinger safes are available to be purchased worldwide, as well as have a number of highly competent dealers in certain locations. They can be delivered in a weekly fashion, and can be customized to your liking. Custom trays allow clients to customize the safe for various items. This fits all collectors, from various jewelry, to watches and even to stamps. If you truly want to treasure your belongings, check out Stockinger safe at


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