Swinging into Time: Audemars Piguet Unveils the Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon Spider-Man, a Collaborative Horological Marvel

Get ready to swing into the world of horological marvels with the all-new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon Spider-Man. This timepiece marks the second collaboration between AP and Marvel, following the highly acclaimed Black Panther edition. 

The Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon Spider-Man bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the Black Panther edition, featuring the same distinctive design. Above a flying tourbillon, you’ll find the engraved sculpture of the iconic web-slinger himself, gracefully navigating the depths of the skeleton display. Unlike the previous edition, the concept seems to harmonize more seamlessly with Spider-Man, as he effortlessly swings through the void. Crafted from white gold, Spider-Man’s intricate costume textures are brought to life through laser engraving, meticulously hand-painted in his signature red and blue colors. It’s worth noting that a unique variant known as the Black Suit Spider-Man edition was auctioned for charity, showcasing the superhero donning his black ensemble.

Structurally, the timepiece boasts a 42mm titanium case with the iconic octagonal shape and visible screws, accentuated by a black ceramic bezel. Following the Royal Oak Concept design language seen in models like the Flying Tourbillon GMT, this watch exudes confidence with pronounced facets that define its bold profile. The unique variant adds an extra touch of elegance with a ceramic spider leg motif.

The case seamlessly transitions into an integrated strap, a first for a Royal Oak Concept watch, featuring a convenient quick-change system that allows for easy strap swaps. The standard edition arrives with a black and grey rubber strap, accompanied by a second rubber strap in black and red. Meanwhile, the Black Suit version showcases a velvety textured black rubber strap paired with a black leather counterpart.

While one might assume the watch shares the same movement as its predecessor, the Black Panther edition, it actually introduces a brand-new skeleton movement known as the Calibre 2974, derived from the Calibre 2948. This manual-winding movement boasts a remarkable 72-hour power reserve and encompasses hour, minute, and flying tourbillon functions. The intentional skeletonization of the dial creates ample space for Spider-Man to elegantly swing through, adding a sense of dynamism and playfulness to the timepiece.

Limited to only 250 pieces, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon Spider-Man carries a price tag of CHF 195,000 (approximately £175,000). Notably, a piece unique edition was auctioned, generating a remarkable $6.2 million in support of the First Book and Ahshoka projects. While opinions may vary on the Marvel series, this Spider-Man edition strikes a more refined chord, showcasing meticulous execution and capturing the essence of the beloved superhero. Now, we eagerly await the next superhero to receive the prestigious Royal Oak treatment.