The Diamond Bank Is A Hidden Gem Against LA’s Jewelry Trove

It’s often said that artists are defined by their eyes and how they see the world around them, which extends into the art of jewelry making and craftsmanship. Diamond diving is more precarious than you might imagine, for natural diamonds sparkle singularly in their own light, each one shaped and sculpted uniquely from the next. An eye for detail and diversity are required to identify true treasures, and The Diamond Bank, one of the most recognizable names in jewelry in Los Angeles and beyond, has perfected the art of ornamentation through decades of refinement and trust baked into the community, and the eyes that search for these pieces. Part of the charm that defines The Diamond Bank is their bespoke nature even after years of growth and development, retaining a distinctly artisanal quality unrivaled in the jewelry space. Much of this work is attributed to Chris Arakel, owner and lead designer, who embarked on his own journey 25 years ago.

Fittingly tucked into the folds of LA’s “Diamond District”, The Diamond Bank only became a concrete destination in 2021 when their flagship studio opened on South Hill Street. Before then, The Diamond Bank name rested heavily on the shoulders of Arakel, who frequently traveled to cities far and wide for call-ins and consultations. Still to this day, referrals remain a large part of the company’s clientele, many of them repeat and returning customers who have trusted the quality of Diamond Bank for more than a decade.

One of the largest distinctions in The Diamond Bank is their dedication to diamond diversity which, to the untrained eye, comes second or third to general size. What most people fail to realize is that diamonds themselves are a product of their environment, which affords a great deal of variety and surprises to the consumer. Arakel learned the secrets of the sparkle from his elders growing up, taking notes and strengthening his ocular prowess in a highly energized environment before taking matters into his own hands. During this time, Arakel was considered by his counterparts to be much younger than the average jeweler or diamond expert, which not only fueled his passions even further but also gave him a uniquely refreshing perspective on jewelry and innovative approaches to a timeless trade. Those values and dedication to innovation remain embedded in the anatomy of The Diamond Bank today, where Arakel continues to polish and propel tomorrow’s designs into new territories. 

Diamonds demand a bit of scrutiny and patience, because the shape or cut of a diamond can drastically alter the appearance of an entire piece. The Diamond Bank has upheld a reputation for excellence that embodies this high-brow approach, studying the diamond from various angles and identifying the dimensions clearly, concisely, and with a swath of creativity. We’ve come to expect a certain level of grandeur when dealing with diamonds, and while that majesty will never fade, the styles and silhouettes we crave will evolve over time. For this very reason, The Diamond Bank maintains a steady pulse on what people want to see in their jewelry, making conscious efforts to listen and learn with their clientele to stay relevant in a growing landscape. Thanks to Arakel’s extensive network of sources, the sky’s the limit in what The Diamond Bank can supply in their jewelry, often leading to incredibly high resale value on pieces due to their scarcity and rarity in the business.

Above all else, perhaps the most critical feature in jewelry making is the element of trust and transparency. The Diamond Bank has retained a steel-plated suit of trust over the years that shines as clearly as the diamonds themselves, because clients know that when they work with The Diamond Bank, they are working directly with Arakel himself. This trust has become second nature to The Diamond Bank and reinforced their dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Clients are given peace of mind knowing that they are making decisions with conviction and within their means. With these pillars in place, The Diamond Bank has quickly generated a new wave of clientele since their official launch in 2021, reminding all of us to look a little closer and appreciate those unexpected, sparkling surprises.