Swizz Beatz Unveils AlUla on Wheels II: A Roller Skating Spectacle in Saudi Arabia This Spring

Fresh from the announcement of the upcoming exhibition “Giants: Art from the Dean Collection of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys” at the Brooklyn Museum this February, Swizz Beatz introduced another extraordinary project, AlUla on Wheels II.

Officially launched on January 25th, 2024, in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, AlUla on Wheels II followed the highly successful debut of last year’s pop-up event, drawing thousands of adventurers to the Arabian desert for an immersive roller-skating experience.

AlUla on Wheels II, titled “AlJadidah Time Machine,” took patrons on a journey through three epochs via skate and music. From the 70s, the golden era of skate, to the nostalgic 90s, and finally, a glimpse into the future – imagining the look and feel of Saudi Arabia in 2030 and beyond through dance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this roller-skating journey promised a harmonious blend of nostalgia, cultural resonance, and forward-thinking vision, providing an unparalleled experience for roller-skating enthusiasts. AlUla on Wheels II aimed to merge cultural richness with avant-garde entertainment, emphasizing the commitment to curating an ambiance that blends heritage with contemporary allure.

AlUla emerged as a “must-see destination” for adventurous travelers, being an ancient desert city and home to Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Positioned in the Arts District of AlJadidah in the north-west of Saudi Arabia, it was hailed as one of the world’s top locations for wellness, adventure, and inspiration.

Swizz Beatz’s involvement aligned seamlessly with the destination, transcending artistic boundaries and leaving a lasting impact on the global cultural landscape. From the success of Verzuz to founding the world’s largest art fair, No Commissions, his versatility was evident in impactful collaborations with renowned brands such as Reebok, Godfather of Harlem, Aston Martin, Monster Electronics, and Zenith Watches. As a Harvard University graduate and distinguished art collector, Swizz Beatz not only shaped the worlds of art and entertainment but also significantly influenced cultural landscapes. His creative agency in Saudi Arabia and ownership of a camel racing team in Saudi showcased his global reach, with a major camel race in AlUla scheduled between April 20th-24th.