Taste Salud Is Hosting A New Kind Of Fiesta, And You’re Invited

When you’re running the gamut of summer sun activities, it’s important to hit the ‘refresh’ button. Lucky for us, Taste Salud is keeping it clean with their beverage powders made from premium ingredients we all know and love, so there’s more time for fun without the hassle of incorporating optimal health into your game plan. Taste Salud was founded at the intersection of fiesta and community, bringing people closer together one sip at a time. Hydration never felt so good, and with Taste Salud in tow, your next adventure starts on the first shake.

Taste Salud

Officially launched in June of last year, Taste Salud is the brainchild of Josh Leyva, co-founder and seasoned fitness personality. Leyva was shaped by his Mexican heritage and pours the essence of traditional aguas frescas into Salud’s compelling product design. These authentic beverages are a staple in Hispanic communities, made with love and served for every season and occasion. With Taste Salud, Leyva and co-founder, Tyler McCann, bring the authenticity to your lips with ready-to-use powder packets made for portable utility, so you can stay on top of your grind no matter where you are. These simple powders, amounting to just 6g of vital nutrients, are packed with electrolytes and Wellmune®, the naturally derived fiber that’s been clinically proven to boost our immunal strength over consistent use. The packets are easily concealed into your jeans’ pocket or weekend bag for an immediate kiss of rejuvenation, making your desert hike or beachside stoop even better than you imagined. Topping off their savvy balance of vitamins and minerals, each Taste Salud blend is marked by delicious flavors like Jamaica | Hibiscus, Mango, Sandía | Watermelon, Piña | Pineapple, and a classic Horchata, among others. Coming in at 8 dynamic flavor profiles, each Salud mix is built to sustain your activities and even enhance more familiar shapes, like a Cucumber | Lime margarita or a Mango Chili Lollipop popsicle for the kids. If you can dream it, you can drink it.

Over the span of just one year, Taste Salud has expertly redefined the way we approach wellness through a colorful lens, allowing us to include “me time” in everything that we do with the swish of a straw. Oftentimes, conventional sports drinks or beverage offerings are loaded with sugars and unsolicited calories, along with vague or misunderstood target areas. With Taste Salud, however, the powders are clear, concise, and direct in their purpose. You deserve a little TLC, and Taste Salud loves to create those moments for you. Better still, all Salud blends contain just 1g of sugar, nothing more and nothing less. The aguas frescas of your childhood are suddenly within reach, and you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up the mess.

Taste Salud

In their short albeit impactful history, It’s has entered a large, diverse market that not only speaks to the wellness demographic but also to various different lifestyles and personalities. At its core, Taste Salud shines a bright light on the essence of community, and the flavors that define traditional values and dedication to healthy living. It sounds simple enough, and, truly, it is. But Taste Salud is anything but predictable, and their roster of refreshers continues to expand and inspire all walks of life with every rotation. Today, it’s a relaunch of their bombastic Sandía | Watermelon combo, a collaboration with Leyva’s friend and fellow creator Sebas Robles which sold out within 24 hours of its initial release. Tomorrow, it could be widespread distribution in your favorite markets, or elevated examples of where Taste Salud fits into the mix. No matter where their vision develops, it’s clear that Taste Salud is here for everyone, everywhere, making sure we all stay healthy, happy, and hydrated in our summer excursions.