The Evolution of Car Gallery Homes

The term “Carchitecture” represents the innovative fusion of automotive brilliance with architectural design, celebrating the seamless integration of cars into residential spaces as prized aesthetic objects. This trend caters to car enthusiasts who, rather than relegating their cherished vehicles to the obscurity of a garage, prefer showcasing them within their living spaces as art.

For the avid car collector, the notion of storing their valuable automobiles in a traditional garage or exposing them to the risks of outdoor parking is unthinkable. Whether it’s a rare Aston Martin, a vintage Porsche, or a coveted Mercedes-Benz, these collectors are adopting a novel approach to enjoy their prized possessions from the comfort of their homes.

These treasured automobiles are now being prominently displayed in luxury residences, from penthouses to mansions and even bungalows. According to Etienne Borgos of Borgos Pieper Studio, which designs homes for car collectors, there is a growing trend of integrating cars within living spaces to celebrate their design. “It elevates car ownership by treating the car as a significant design element within the home,” Borgos notes.

Incorporating cars into the home decor turns them into a focal point of luxury and sophistication. Noteworthy examples include a Shenzhen residence by O-office Architect, featuring a classic Alfa Romeo as its centerpiece, and a Dutch loft by Studio OXL, designed around a 2008 Tesla Roadster. The cost of creating such bespoke car galleries begins at £2 million, highlighting the no-expense-spared approach of these collectors.

Jonathan Clark, who runs Jonathan Clark Architects and specializes in luxury spaces for cars, connects with his wealthy clientele through a shared appreciation for automotive art. Clark’s designs cater to those who wish to admire their exquisite cars in a gallery-like setting within their homes, turning these spaces into sanctuaries for car enthusiasts.

From an underground car cathedral for a French billionaire to integrating car galleries beside indoor swimming pools, architects like Clark and Sam Burch have pushed the boundaries of design to accommodate the unique desires of car collectors. These spaces not only showcase the vehicles but often include amenities like wash bays and maintenance areas for the upkeep of large collections.

The concept of “Carchitecture” has historical roots, intriguing architects like Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright, and continues to inspire modern luxury designs. Aston Martin has even ventured into this niche, offering bespoke “Automotive Galleries and Lairs” since 2019, blending the brand’s automotive excellence with custom architectural designs.

One standout project is an 800sqm residence in New York, designed in collaboration with S3 Architecture, featuring a gallery garage as the home’s grand entrance. Similarly, an Austin, Texas, home features an 8,300-sq-ft glass garage, showcasing a multi-million dollar car collection, designed by Ashby Collective in collaboration with Dalgleish Construction and Sam Burch Architects. This project, inspired by the ’80s movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” embodies the ultimate blend of car culture and luxury living.

These car gallery homes are a testament to the evolving relationship between automotive passion and residential design, creating spaces where the lines between function, art, and personal expression blur.