The Kitchen From The Future, By Valcucine

Modern Kitchen Design by Valcucine - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

A pioneer in the kitchen industry for over thirty-five years, Valcucine is the company to contact if you’re looking for a futuristic modern kitchen. The company focuses on well-being, innovation, and timeless designs, with at the forefront – kitchens made to last.

Each finished collection is designed with people in mind as the primary focus to contribute to the wellness and needs of the user. The company has become extremely well known for how innovative they are when it comes to making use of space through their unique designs and technology inputs. For example a sleek wall unit cabinet which can be opened by solely a touch motion of your hand. The wall unit can store glasses, silverware, truly anything you can think of a kitchen may need.

The popularity and success of the hand motion opening and closing feature alongside the sleek modern design of these drawers and cabinets led to the now notable Logica System. The innovative and ergonomic system features an equipped back section,  which makes it easier to work in the kitchen because everything is within hand’s reach and tucked away seamlessly.

To add to the daily comfort within your kitchen, Valcucine has designed specific details such as the luminous panel; when fitted in special units, the panel contributes to giving the kitchen a more airy appeal and subtle but highlighted lighting.

Valcucine is synonymous with innovation. Having had revolutionized the kitchen space with numerous ground-breaking solutions, and changing the entire concept of kitchen doors.

The company focuses on timeless kitchens that are impervious to trends, built to last and accompany customers throughout their lives daily. Each kitchen layout offers extensive planning and highly involved designing and attention to detail. As well, not only can different units be combined using different ranges but they can also be customized with a range of materials, finishes, colors, and handicraft works. In the Genius Loci range, for example, the drawer can be personalised with inlays and special finishes, while the glass surfaces can be customised with any image, using an inlay technique. The customizations are truly endless. The concept and layout of your kitchen can change your life when it comes to a simplistic and timeless design with everything in need in close reach and in correct alignment/flow from one another. The right kitchen can make you feel as if you are in a synced melody when in use and certainly in the future.

Valcucine now distributes their kitchen collection to over 370 showrooms around the world, including Europe, the U.S.A., the Middle East, India, South-East Asia and South Africa.

At the beginning of 2015, the company was acquired by ItalianCreationGroup, a holding company which works within the the Home Design & Personal Lifestyle fields.

Photos courtesy of Valcucine, Huapin Kitchen, Roger Seller