The Lana – Dorchester Collection: Dubai’s Subtle Luxury Arrival

Dubai, a city where cranes and fashionistas vie for attention against a backdrop of cobalt skies, continues its rapid evolution. From a modest town of 250,000 with a single high-rise in 1980, it has grown into a bustling metropolis of four million, adorned with a skyline that includes the iconic Burj Khalifa. Known for its opulence and extravagance, Dubai leaves an unmistakable mark on the modern world, much like the hallmark on the gold bars in its famed Gold Souk.

Amidst this extravagance, a new gem has emerged in downtown Dubai, distinguished by its refined elegance and timeless sophistication. The Lana, which opened its doors in February 2024, is the latest addition to the prestigious Dorchester Collection. This luxury hotel chain, with historic properties like The Dorchester in London, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Paris’s Hotel Plaza Athenée, and Rome’s Hotel Eden, now proudly includes its first Middle Eastern venture.

The Lana, designed by the renowned Foster + Partners, features sleek, interlocking lines that evoke a sense of calm and elegance. Situated around the serene Marasi Bay, Dubai’s only downtown marina, the hotel offers a peaceful retreat just a 15-minute walk from the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. Mahdi Amjad, the developer and Dorchester Collection’s partner at The Lana, explained how this previously underutilized land was acquired from the military 16 years ago, transforming it into a prime location.

The interiors of the 30-story building were crafted by the Parisian design duo Gilles & Boissier. Known for their ability to blend classical modernism with contemporary flair, Dorothée Boissier and Patrick Gilles have created a luxurious yet understated ambiance. The result is a series of elegantly styled spaces that reflect both innovation and tradition.

The hotel’s entrance sets the tone with dusky pink marble and a pair of Rolls-Royces (a Phantom and a Ghost) casually parked outside. The color palette extends into the leather interiors of the elevators and the dramatic gilded sculpture in the lobby, part of the hotel’s curated art collection.

The Lana offers 225 rooms and suites, including the opulent Lana Royal and Marina Royal suites. These accommodations feature floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive balconies with stunning views of the Dubai skyline and the Burj Khalifa’s nightly light show. The rooms are a harmonious blend of marble and natural wood, bathed in abundant light and space, and equipped with some of the most comfortable beds imaginable.

On the 29th floor, the latest Dior Spa provides a chic sanctuary for relaxation and indulgence. With five spacious treatment rooms and a couple’s suite, all offering spectacular views, the spa combines high-tech holistic therapies with Dior’s signature elegance. This new location follows the first Dior Spa, which opened at the Hotel Plaza Athenée in 2008, continuing Christian Dior’s long-standing association with luxury and refinement.

The Lana stands out in Dubai’s landscape not by its size or extravagance, but by its quiet, confident elegance. It’s a testament to the Dorchester Collection’s commitment to creating spaces that blend history with modernity, offering guests a luxurious retreat in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic cities.