The Most Phenomenal Hotel In Switzerland, 5-Star Hotel Villa Honegg

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Hotel Villa Honegg Switzerland - Photo by @jacob

The Hotel Villa Honegg is a one of a kind 5-star boutique hotel located on the mountains of Bürgenstock near Lucerne, Switzerland. The long-established boutique hotel was built in 1905 and reopened for business in May 2011 following a major refit and modernization in design and amenities. For its size, being a 23 room hotel to be clear, it is rather unique in its location in the heart of Switzerland in terms of what it offers. A place of much peace and privacy, it boasts an incomparable setting.

Photo via Hotel Villa Honegg
Photo via Hotel Villa Honegg

The design of the hotel, from the rooms, to the pool, to the hallways are laid out in which you see the rolling hills of green grass, the mountains, and stunning Lake Lucerne at every angle. A friendly and welcoming staff with warm energy will greet you upon arrival and departure, as well as be there for you throughout every minute of your stay. The staff is impeccable, literally anticipating what guests may want or need, offered to you before you even have to ask.

The rooms feature a minimal blend of natural materials and luxurious touches, the finishes in decor and furnishings create a welcoming ambience embodying peace, relaxation, and a sense of well-being. The hotel offers 23 comfortable rooms and suites to suit your needs and taste. Rooms titled Master Suite Lake View, Corner Suites, Junior Suite Lake View, Junior Suite Alpine Panorama, Superior Room, Classic Room, Classic Room Top floor, Dependance, and last but not least an entire Private Floor. All rooms accommodate different sizes in terms of fit for a number of persons, different views, slightly different designs, layouts, and energies. To highlight, The Private Floor is fit for 12 persons, and can accommodate 14 person with 2 extra beds which can be brought up to your floor in a minutes notice as you have your own staff to assist you during your stay. The Private Floor in total includes five rooms – one Master Suite, one Junior Suite Alpine Panorama, one Superior Room Lake View, two Classic Rooms Top Floor, and a spacious lounge with private dining room and separate WC. If you want to have the ultimate experience give this exclusive private floor a try, at least for a night or two.

Photo by @andredemello
Photo via Hotel Villa Honegg
Photo via @giamnucci

Not only are the rooms unique and effortlessly luxurious with use of natural materials and elements, the gastronomy experience is exactly the same. At their iconic restaurant titled ’14 GAULT-MILLAU POINTS’  you can experience a first-class meal of locally sourced and seasonal ingredients meals. The hotel is entirely transparent from how the ingredients, meats, and all dishes were prepared or farmed. This alone provided comfort and authenticity to the hotel as guests gather an at-home energy through their meals gradually throughout their stay. You have the option to dine within the restaurant or on the terrace with its views of Lake Lucerne. Breakfast runs until 2pm and is an all you can eat style, one of their most notable offerings, guest sure love to indulge on. Lunch is an a la carte lounge menu, offering all of your favorites. When it comes to dinner time the Gourmet Menu is unveiled with all of what you can expect from a 5 star hotel, meals that will melt in your mouth, as they Hotel Villa Honegg themselves would say ‘unforgettable dinners’

Photo via @ilovecocodream_
Photo via Hotel Villa Honegg

You cannot forget the most viral and lets say “instagrammable” features of the hotel, most likely what you have first seen prior to hearing or viewing any of the information above, the pool and spa. The pool features an infinity design with a built in hot tub as a center piece. The spa at the Hotel Villa Honegg is literally one of, if not the most delightful wellness facilities in Switzerland. Set in the 34ºC heated outdoor pool,  which you can experience at any time of year is nothing short of extraordinary, aiding the vibe and experience are the amazing views of the mountains, the lake, or the  cluster of clouds in the valley below. 

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Photo via @pilotmadeleine

Beyond the attracting photos, Villa Honegg will feel like a home away from home. This hotel is hands down, a must experience, a hotel to be added to your bucket list.

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