The Pàris Villas Set To Open New Commercial Center And Expanded Services On Saint Lucia

Caribbean dreamscape, The Pàris Villas, disrupted the hospitality sector in 2020 when they officially introduced their unique brand of vacation rentals to a saturated market. The company’s alluring zeal of opulence is unrivaled in the rental space, and because of their dynamic menu of premium offers and privileges, The Pàris Villas have single-handedly transformed the quiet island country of Saint Lucia into a compelling escape for professionals, artists, families, and celebrities. For two years, The Pàris Villas have evolved, quietly, against the balmy backdrop of Saint Lucia. Today, the company unveils the floorwork for an expansive commercial center located in the heart of the island, which will invite an exodus of leaders and significantly diversify Saint Lucia’s economy. The Caribbean has always been a staple for vacationers, but now Saint Lucia is poised to become an epicenter of business, art, and innovation, thanks in large part to The Páris Villas.

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As a family-run outfit, The Pàris Villas represent a lifestyle more than a vacation destination. The company has deep roots in rental properties across Airbnb and other reputable platforms, most notably in Toronto and southern Florida. Pining for something more for their clientele, The Pàris Villas established a standard in 2020 with the renovation of a family home. This property was the flagship model of The Villas and quickly became overbooked by locals and tourists alike. The Pàris Villas difference rests in the family’s extensive network and communities across Saint Lucia, which offers a unique edge to visitors and residents. This hyper-local perspective supports the lavish luxuries that adorn each property, which include custom-designed pools, on-site chefs, and music production studios. The Pàris Villas strive to change the way we experience reality, turning our most colorful fantasies into tangible interactions.

Driven by excellence, The Pàris Villas have bottled hospitality and turned it into a science as well as a social study. On the docket, the company plans to build a dynamic commercial center in the heart of Saint Lucia that will act as an extension of the vacation rentals they have become known for. This space will serve entrepreneurs and investors looking to amplify the versatility and creative bounty of the island country, inviting creators and leaders of all industries to Saint Lucia where growth and development are encouraged.

The Villas are already a mainstay for musicians, artists, and young professionals who find solitude and inspiration along the white sand beaches. Saint Lucia is a vibrant enclave for innovation, and The Pàris Villas stoke this fire with plenty of resources fit for royalty. The new commercial center will plant an exciting new seed in the middle of Saint Lucia’s growing local talent, offering a space where residents and international guests can gather. 

At its core, The Pàris Villas represent a new kind of community animated by experiences, propelling the majesty of Saint Lucia into a new frontier of art, fashion, wellness, and innovation. To further connect with their evolving communities, the company is perfecting the fine details of a new VIP card, which will serve as a key that members can use to unlock special perks and stay on top of the goings on in the Caribbean and beyond. 

The Pàris Villas serve as a blank canvas, where anyone can paint their realities with a splash of gold. The Villas are built for immersion, providing guests with everything they need and so much more. The vibrant enclaves of Saint Lucia are alive with luster, and The Pàris Villas are bringing deluxe, debonair hospitality coast-to-coast. 


The Pàris Villas are a deluxe suite of rental properties in Saint Lucia that provide unrivaled escape through lavish luxury. The company’s roster includes two dynamic villas, each one with a rotating menu of opulent services and privileges. With the addition of their VIP membership card and a new commercial center, The Pàris Villas are changing the way we experience reality through unparalleled hospitality. 


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SOURCE: Pàris Villas