The Weeknd’s Rich Blend: Experience the Unique Collaboration Between The Weeknd and Blue Bottle in Their Ethiopian Coffee Line, a Tribute to His Heritage!

Blue Bottle Coffee and The Weeknd Partner to Launch "Samra Origins" in Celebration of Ethiopian Culture

Blue Bottle Coffee is working with the musician and XO, his record company. Samra Origins, a brand and product range, have been introduced. Samra is The Weeknd’s mother, and the song “pays homage to his family’s heritage with a shared respect for Ethiopia and its coffee traditions,” according to a release, is named after her.

Exceedingly Rare Ethiopia Wolde Faye Koricha will be Samra Origins’ first offering this month. A press statement claims that the wine’s “vibrant flavor profile captures the classic notes of fresh fruit and bright florals this region is praised for.”

The Weeknd said in a statement that “Ethiopian culture is an important part of my identity” and that he was “proud to work alongside the Blue Bottle Coffee team to shine a light on Ethiopian traditions, values, and of course, coffee.” “As a child, I observed my mother conduct Buna Tetu, a customary coffee ceremony in Ethiopia. My idea of community was shaped by this sensory experience, which also taught me to always respect my roots. Samra Origins is a genuinely passionate endeavor that I hope will pique interest, foster support for Ethiopia’s people, and share the warmth and camaraderie that are so embedded in Ethiopian culture.

The Samra Origins Blend, which will be offered in whole bean and cold brew in a few Blue Bottle cafes around the US this summer, is a collaboration between The Weeknd and Blue Bottle. The coffee company also declared its intention to contribute to The Weeknd’s XO Humanitarian Fund, which supports Ethiopia-focused assistance for the UN World Food Programme.

Ethiopia continues to rank among our top origins by volume as of 2023. In a statement that accompanied the new release, CEO of Blue Bottle Coffee Karl Strovink said, “I’m thrilled that we’re expanding our commitment there with Samra Origins so we can continue to offer the best of Ethiopian coffee and support our network of farmers in the nation.