Best of 2023: The Most Innovative Companies Disrupting Their Industries

  1. Cara O Sello

Founded in 2013 by sisters Andrea and Nicole, Cara O Sello is a family-run jewelry brand dedicated to designing statement pieces that demand a double take from passersby. All pieces are lovingly crafted by the O Sello sisters, who communicate from opposite corners of the globe, respectively. Andrea works out of London, while Nicole is based in Miami. Their global perspective and panache for wearable art have earned plenty of praise from followers, and their bespoke designs wield a delicate, yet powerful, assertion on the modern jewelry market. The difference weighs in on their whimsical spirit, built with the finest materials available, and the flexibility to dress for any occasion, big or small. Their latest collection, BLOOM, arrives just in time for Summer, for each piece, as with their dazzling Belly Chain, is crafted with depth in mind. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and belly chains sparkle with a soft allure, flourishing with the same contagious spell that seasonal flowers radiate this time of year, only the BLOOM collection keeps its strong hues no matter what season we’re in. Many of the designs levitate with aerial simplicity that makes accessorizing a breeze, leading with pearly whites, strands of gold, and earthly charms like butterflies or mushrooms. There’s no denying that Cara O Sello gleams from the heart, as this women-owned powerhouse deals in exceptional quality unrivaled in the beauty and art space. The company has partnered with such names as LoveShackFancy, Stoney Clover, and 7 For All Mankind, among others, and continues to turn heads with each rotating release. Most Innovative Companies

2. Sling Bungee

Sling Bungee takes high energy, low impact workouts to new heights with music driven fitness classes and cutting edge equipment. Based out of Edmond, Oklahoma and founded by Candace Williams, Sling Bungee combines flying plyometrics and a music driven format to burn up to 600 calories per class. Sling Bungee Fitness uses the resistance of the bungees not only to tone and define, but also to fly! Williams’ format makes exercise fun and possible for most age ranges and fitness levels. For Williams, Bungee Fitness is attractive, fun, and something we can all enjoy. Seeing her clients achieve their fitness goals through Sling Bungee is what drives her inspiration for this passion project. Sling Bungee’s mission is not only to make fitness fun again for the community of Edmond, but for studios world wide. To accomplish this goal, Sling Bungee Fitness offers in-person and online certification options, having trained over 300 studios worldwide and counting. Sling Bungee’s online presence is not something that can be ignored, with many viral videos leading to almost 1 million followers on TitTok and Instagram combined. The brand also prides itself on creating one of the leading brands in bungee fitness equipment. Sling Bungee sets itself apart in the fitness industry by not adhering to a standardized format, rather following the natural process of the body that takes someone gradually to the highest level of achieving flying plyometrics.Sling Bungee speaks to a high energy clientele, and with Sling Bungee in the lead, personal fitness takes a fresh, new stance in the sprawling wellness landscapes.

3. Primal Life Organics

Since 2012, Primal Life Organics has swept the holistic skincare and dental hygiene space clean with their suite of skin-foods and natural oral products. Based out of Ohio, Primal Life Organics was founded by a team of industry professionals who noticed a glaring cavity in the wellness markets, abandoning their posts in Big Pharma and Big Cosmo for a more natural, inclusive approach. The company excels in holistic beauty, with leading products like face cleansers, body wash, and, most recently, their groundbreaking toothpaste chews. Conventional dental and skincare is often deceptive by design and cloaked with unrecognizable ingredients. On the contrary, Primal Life Organics removes the guesswork by utilizing only natural ingredients that not only enhance our overall wellness routines but highlight the best parts of ourselves. Research has shown that a brighter smile can make you 58% more likely to succeed in a job interview, and almost twice as likely to land a second date. With Primal Life Organics leading the renaissance in holistic wellness, that 40-watt smile and youthful skin glow can be easily attained in just 16 minutes. Primal Life Organics works hard to right the wrongs of modern skincare and dental hygiene that have regrettably become industry standards, and their innovative approach to everyday tools, like toothpaste, has rejuvenated our quest for something better for our bodies. 

4. Solch

As unique as the name itself, SOLCH is a purveyor of rarities that transform modern jewelry into wearable pieces of creative expression. Introduced in December of 2022, SOLCH is a new face on the horizon of fashion and unabashed artistry, offering a treasure trove of limited-edition statement pieces that crawl, coil, and climb our most flattering features for any occasion. The very essence of SOLCH is rooted in the whimsical cadence our imaginations so often crave, trading conventional trends for fleeting fashion ornaments that strike like shooting stars––once they sell out, they are gone for good! Every SOLCH design is limited to 100 pieces, ensuring the individuality component and the integrity of a SOLCH-specific style. Based out of Orlando, SOLCH was born out of necessity, as so much of our consumer-driven culture has lost a large chunk of its originality and defaulted to shapeshifting sameness. SOLCH is the antihero of a new story unfolding, choosing to create distinct pieces that stand out rather than dusty replicas that fall victim to fast fashion. All SOLCH designs are hypoallergenic and water-resistant, with keepsake gift packaging and deluxe designs baked into the fabric. The SOLCH woman is an archetype of her own league, unapologetically true to form and fierce in the face of conformity. Why blend in when you can write your own story, lead the sequel, and wear the crown yourself?

5. Selleb

Resale platforms have a reputation for supplying headaches in bulk, as both sellers and buyers alike have to scramble to be seen and find what they’re searching for. Endless scrolling and compounded clutter are commonplace for most platforms, but Selleb, the celebrity-driven treasure trove of resale outlets, has simplified this model for both ends of the spectrum. Having noticed these issues, Sisters Chloe and Claire Lee set out to create a shopping experience that was more memorable (and less stressful) for buyers, on top of better payouts for the sellers. During the pandemic, the idea came of sourcing unwanted clothes from the wardrobes of influential celebrities to then be resold to the public on Selleb’s platform. With this approach, Selleb quickly became a streamlined marketplace where style-savvy celebrities could sell items with ease and buyers could indulge in a stress-free, shopping spree. In turn, fans are now able to connect with their idols in an incredibly unique fashion and the fun in second-hand shopping has forever been reignited.

6. Meze Audio

The Romanian-based sound engineering brand, Meze Audio, has been in the business of perfecting audio experiences through quality and creativity since 2011, redefining the ways in which we interact with sound and how we can appreciate the enduring quality of audiophile headphones and earphones. With Meze Audio, your soundscapes will solicit a different kind of emotive experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. Meze Antonio, lead designer and founder of Meze Audio, surmounted years of research on existing models in order to perfect the shapes and silhouettes that would become Meze Audio’s signature design. In 2015, Antonio and Mircea Fanatan, Meze Audio’s managing director, disrupted the audio industry by introducing their 99 Classics model, a striking addition to any space. The Classics model set the tone for Meze Audio as a premier supplier and maker of luxe sound design, overstepping existing varieties with cool composition and elevated user-experiences. The company’s opulent concepts are supported through steel-plated longevity, ensuring each product is made to stand the test of time. Meze Audio creates sound utility that can be easily serviced whenever you need a tune-up, as each product is made in-house for optimal durability. Meze Audio is where function meets fashion, uniting stylish engineering with high-performance personality.  

7. Chris Ploof Designs

Founded by Chris Ploof in 2004, Chris Ploof Designs is an award-winning supplier of artisan, handcrafted jewelry and fine metals rooted in innovation and premier craftsmanship. The company has gained a reputation for sharp allure in their modern silhouettes sculpted with ancient techniques in jewelry making, uniting classic designs with progressive materials and sterling quality. With a background in professional cycling, Ploof discovered an unlikely passion for jewelry during a sand casting workshop and pedaled full-speed ahead into a world of dynamic artistry that combined his love for creative freedom with the endurance and high-intensity of his athletic communities. The result became synonymous with elevated quality in the jewelry space, but more importantly in the company’s inventive approach to metals and sustainable materials crafted inside a solar powered studio. Chris Ploof Designs has perfected the art of hand-forged Damascus Steel, a sturdy material that remains a cut above the rest; mokume gane, a Japanese technique of metal mixing that creates a delicious layering effect; and the archaic, otherworldly meteorite, a mineral that yields highly compelling designs that glow with ancient opulence. Since its founding, Chris Ploof Designs has continued to push the envelope on deluxe jewelry and metal art, equally popular with cosmopolitan art collectors and the bridal demographic. Thanks to their bespoke nature, the studio works closely with clients to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that retain their regality for generations to come.

8. Bluelene

Bluelene is a full clinical, anti-aging skin and sun care portfolio proudly made in the USA by Mblue Labs. The woman and minority-owned business launched in 2019 following a groundbreaking revelation by its founder, Dr. Kan Cao, a well-respected human aging scientist. While working on a treatment for Progeria, a rapid-aging childhood disease, Dr. Cao discovered that Methylene Blue reverses cell aging. Subsequently, Methylene Blue was patented by the company as a new revolutionary skincare ingredient. Since then, Bluelene has garnered a loyal following in over 42 countries serving customers from 25 to 80+ years old with a heavy emphasis on innovation and sustainability. Their primary objective has been to develop formulas that reverse existing and future skin damage for all skin types. All of their products are verified as cruelty-free and vegan, with a deep commitment to preserving aquatic life. Mblue Labs received funding from the National Science Foundation to research coral-safe sun protection. As a result, they created Bluevado SunFix, the first full-spectrum sunscreen with Methylene Blue, that not only protects against UVA/UVB but also repairs and prevents photo-aging damage and is coral reef safe, a clear testament to their dedication to preservation. Bluelene has also had the honor to be featured in the Emmy’s and Oscar’s gifting suites in collaboration with WOW Creations, proving to be a major hit among the celebrities in attendance. Setting them apart from most independent health and beauty brands, Mblue Labs is rooted in research and development. Dr. Cao found that Methylene Blue possesses numerous characteristics that allow it to deeply penetrate human cells, neutralize free radicals, and repair DNS damages, providing long-term results that target the underlying issues. Bluelene represents the forefront of scientific skincare, backed by proven results and a personalized small-business approach.