Sunshine On Your Wrist: Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Yellow Neon SAXEM

Hublot’s dedication to creating a yellow case for the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Yellow Neon SAXEM goes beyond expectations. The brand has invested significant effort in perfecting the properties of the SAXEM composite, which is used for the first time in a watch case with a vibrant yellow hue. The meticulous development of the Big Bang Yellow Neon focused solely on refining the material for three years. If you are familiar with Hublot’s expertise in materials, you may recall the introduction of SAXEM in 2019 with the green-toned Big Bang MP-11. This raises the question: why did it take so long? To answer that, let’s delve into the nature of SAXEM and the prevailing trend in fine watchmaking, which leans towards more colorful expressions. Essentially, the watch is crafted from a material similar to solid-state lasers.

Hublot strongly believes in embracing both function and fun, and the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Yellow Neon SAXEM exemplifies this philosophy. In terms of appearance, it effortlessly outshines almost everything else. For maximum impact, we recommend pairing this watch with an all-black ensemble. The stunning color is achieved through a precise combination of rare earth metals and a sapphire crystal (or aluminum oxide for a more specific description). This process echoes how sapphires in their natural state acquire colors from metallic impurities within their crystals. Hublot’s expertise in research and development has enabled them to create something that does not occur naturally. No other watch brand, Swiss or otherwise, utilizes this material, although we suspect that Louis Vuitton’s recent colored sapphire crystal cases may have drawn inspiration from Hublot’s innovative work.

The watch’s vibrant fluorescent neon yellow hue is attained by incorporating trace amounts of lutetium into the sapphire crystal, as revealed by the product development team. In the case of the previous emerald green SAXEM, rare earth materials such as thulium, holmium, and chromium were utilized, although not all constituent elements fall under the rare earth category. Despite its distinctive coloration, the watch maintains transparency and retains the scratch-resistant properties of regular sapphire crystal, a characteristic Hublot refuses to compromise. In terms of brilliance, a concern when working with materials like sapphire, Hublot asserts that SAXEM offers even greater luminosity. Compared to standard sapphire crystal, SAXEM has a slightly higher weight, approximately 10 percent more.

Moving on to the watch’s internal components, the automatic HUB6035 caliber returns, showcasing its micro-rotor and tourbillon in a visually captivating manner. An exciting addition to this model is the textured rubber strap, also in neon yellow, specially developed for this watch. However, Hublot incorporates its One-Click interchangeable strap system, making it effortless to acquire alternative strap options from the brand.