Fendi Unveils Arnaldo Pomodoro Exhibition: Where Art and Fashion Converge

Fendi, the renowned luxury fashion house, has transformed its headquarters in Rome into an art sanctuary with the unveiling of the Arnaldo Pomodoro exhibition. This collaboration marks the beginning of a multifaceted partnership between Fendi and the Italian sculptor’s foundation, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro. The exhibition, titled “Arnaldo Pomodoro. II Grande Teatro delle Civiltà” (The Theater of Civilization), invites guests to immerse themselves in the world of art.

Located at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, Fendi’s Roman headquarters, the exhibition is designed to occupy both indoor and outdoor spaces. Spanning over seventy years of Arnaldo Pomodoro’s artistic journey from the late 1950s to 2021, the exhibition showcases a diverse collection of his works. In addition to the sculptures, the exhibition features a range of archival materials, including photographs, documents, sketches, and drawings, offering a glimpse into the artist’s studio and intimate archive.

At the heart of the exhibition lies a reinterpretation of Fendi’s iconic Peekaboo bag by Arnaldo Pomodoro. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 2008, the Peekaboo bag has become a timeless and iconic piece. As part of the global Canvas Peekaboo project, which began in 2014, Pomodoro’s design adds a new artistic dimension to the bag. His vision transforms the bag into something mysterious and visionary, reminiscent of a medieval shield, a mythological creature with sharp spines, or even an exotic flower with long pistils. This unique collaboration showcases Pomodoro’s exceptional craftsmanship and his ability to transform everyday objects into works of art.

The partnership between Fendi and the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro is a natural progression of their relationship, which began in 2013 when Fendi occupied the foundation’s former exhibition venue in Milan. This fusion of art and fashion creates a captivating experience for visitors, highlighting the intersection of creativity and craftsmanship.

If you find yourself traveling through Rome this holiday season, the Arnaldo Pomodoro exhibition at Fendi’s headquarters is a must-see. Immerse yourself in the world of art, fashion, and the seamless blending of the two in this extraordinary collaboration.