SKCreations, LLC Debuts Evolved Collection, Peace 2, With Double Doses of Color And Creativity

In February of 2022, SKCreations, LLC debuted the second iteration of their crowd favorite bomber jacket during New York Fashion Week as part of their A/W 2022 Bomber Jacket Collection. This set the stage for their forthcoming collection, “Peace 2”, a colorful assembly of garments and elevated athleisure wear that build on the existing ethos of the hero collection. SKCreations, LLC has become synonymous with inventive apparel that unites comfortability with ready-to-wear chic, and now their familiar threads are woven with a distinctly unisex design that strikes with originality, trading stalemate “fast fashion” tropes for adaptability and refreshing pattern-play.

Officially launched in 2006, SKCreations, LLC is the brainchild of Sharon A. Keyser, a designer and textile artist based out of Washington, D.C. From a young age Keyser was bewitched by the variety of patterns and creativity she found in local fabric stores, spending hours at a time perusing the aisles and letting her imagination run wild. Keyser maintains a passion for textiles and a unique affinity for classic shapes and silhouettes, demonstrated in many of her designs through SKCreations, LLC which, as is the case with “Peace 2”, intersect timeless allure with avant-garde pieces. The latest collection leans into the imagery and essence of its predecessor, drawing inspiration from peacekeepers and moments of pause in our busy schedules. “Peace 2” welcomes the arrival of fresh fabrics and designs like sneakers, bucket hats, and a range of accessories while enhancing crowd favorites like the bomber jacket, all of which seek to dress all walks of life. Keyser pivoted her focus to unisex designs while outlining the early forms of “Peace 2”, looking to appeal to a larger audience that transcends conventional molds. With SKCreations, LLC, we can easily wear the runway and be unapologetically true to ourselves; we can be bold, dynamic, and swift in our strides.

SKCreations, LLC is sewn with a unique thread of flexibility that commands the athleisure circuits in fashion today, routinely praised in household names like British Vogue, The Daily Front Row, and ELLE UK with regular appearances at New York Fashion Week. Their September show generated a wave of media coverage and criticism from spectators and industry professionals alike, notably a strand of showrooms in the United Kingdom eager to carry Keyser’s designs. Part of what makes SKCreations, LLC so special is the streamlined fluidity for both consumers and business leaders––their clean, sophisticated approach to modern apparel simplifies the art of reliable self-expression, which typically translates to creative authority that is consistent and timeless. One of the most common hurdles we find in fashion today is compromising reliable essentials for the fleeting, albeit unavoidable, habit of impulsive, creative thought. Both ends of the spectrum typically run to the extremes––your basics are generally too basic, and your artistic statement pieces are never quite as versatile. Regardless of personal preference, we all have an ornate sense of creativity in our DNA that craves more excitement in our wardrobes, while simultaneously demanding clean, consistent lines that work for any setting.

“Peace 2” comes at a crossroads in fashion today, where genres are fading and stories are woven into the fabrics we wear. The new collection introduces custom leather accessories, including the crossbody messenger bags, holdall bags, and wallets, in addition to the bucket hat and sneakers for both men and women. SKCreations, LLC looks to shake up our perceptions of durable textiles that can dress any occasion, bringing contemporary essentials to a cosmopolitan landscape. SKCreations, LLC allows us to channel our innermost originality while adhering to a basic code of conduct in imaginative basics, cut from the same cloth as Keyser herself who began sewing at nine years old. In many ways, SKCreations, LLC represents the evolution of tomorrow’s fashion diaspora, never sacrificing the classics but always looking for ways to innovate and surprise the masses. “Peace 2” can be found on the company’s social media channel, where much of the storytelling unfolds.