This Award Winning Family-Owned Olive Orchard Is Changing The Way We Experience Olive Oil

I know it’s a bold statement, but even after centuries of olive oil consumption, Pasolivo has managed to reinvent olive oil in a natural and charismatic way. Based in California’s wine country, Pasolivo is a 45-acre orchard that grows 12 varieties of olives and is most commonly known for the rich and exquisite olive oil they produce. By utilizing the perfect coastal California weather and rich, fertile soil, Pasolivo has been awarded gold top honors and is included in NYIOOC’s annual list of winners. Pasolivo manufactures a collection of small-batch bottles that vary from unique mouth-watering flavors, including crowd favorites such as garlic olive oil, lemon olive oil, basil, and many more.

As passionate as much of the staff and owners are about Pasolivo and their production of olive oil, putting it to proper use makes growing such a fine product so worth it. With an abundance of recipes to choose from, Pasolivo’s website provides step-by-step details on using their product where it shines best. From long-form recipes that take time and precision to quick and easy recipes that are perfect for a quick snack, each meal is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face after each bite you take. In the mood for a Wild Rice Casserole? No problem at all, all you need is a couple of easily sourced ingredients, twenty minutes of your time, and viola; enjoy a home-cooked meal to satisfy your underwhelmed taste buds.

But let’s not just stop right there! Knowing that olive oil has a wide variety of health benefits, Pasolivo puts itself at the forefront of any olive oil producer by providing other products that contain this heavenly fruit. With much research and development, Pasolivo now offers bottles of vinegar, salts & spices, and, more impressive, bath and body products that are great for everyday use, in and out of the house.

To learn more about Pasolivo and their continuous search to become the best they can be, be sure to follow their heartwarming journey on Instagram @Pasolivo. Also, to discover more about Pasolivo and its products, be sure to click on the link to learn more.