7 Companies To Help You Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

1. Mindful Proteins 

Beginning in Portland, OR in 2018, Mindful Proteins Inc. co-founders Sean Penrith and Jacoba Gundle sought to provide sustainable, functional provisions to anyone seeking balance in their wellness routines, from yoga and barre to cyclists and climbers alike. With two flavors of TATU protein water currently on the market, the Mindful Proteins brand supports One Percent for the Planet with all revenue earned. Of course, we all have body goals in the New Years Resolutions, but navigating smart strides at the top of 2022 can be overwhelming for some. With Mindful Proteins, those uncharted waters make for smooth sailing, for each can of TATU supports the active individual who likes a little climate justice with their protein water. As explained on their website, Mindful Proteins is committed to sustainable practices with maximum transparency in their efforts. With TATU Protein Water, for example, you’re hydrating the body while supplying vital proteins necessary for post-workout muscle recovery, a simple task made even simpler in twelve ounces. “Tatu” in Swahili means three, which for Sean and Jacoba translates to mind, body, and soul––the foundation of their success in the wellness circuits. 

2. Thrive Jerky

Founded in 2016 in Louisville, KY, the Woman Owned THRIVE team took jerky to new heights changing the game of snacking on-the-go and never looked back. The CEO, Karen Phillips, says that THRIVE Jerky wanted to create a quality-driven jerky that wasn’t doused in sugar, like most of them are. After years of trial and error and experimenting with different sugar+protein profiles, the team discovered a blowout batch of tender jerkies that not only omitted flavor-altering sugars, but introduced a product that was low in carbs, calories, and high in protein. The result became the first and only jerky made exclusively with natural stevia. The use of stevia substitution yields a healthy, protein-rich treat that doesn’t counteract your dietary commitments or wellness goals. And, it tastes phenomenal! It’s important to keep a snack in your pack on busy work weeks or school days, and THRIVE Jerky drives it home. The woman-owned & operated company explains, “Why just survive when you can…”

3. Flex AI 

For some people, attaining those New Year fitness goals is a matter of cost. For others, it’s about guidance, direction, and validation. Ideally, someone (or something) to keep tabs on your progress. For Flex AI, the latest and greatest in fitness technology, those concerns are anything but. This new app just launched in December of last year and they’ve already covered a lot of ground. Amin Niri and Evan Feng, co founders of Flex AI, were disappointed with the market’s scarcity of available, and affordable outlets for getting in shape, and set out to provide a streamlined service to lighten the load of starting a workout routine. The result is a user-friendly mobile coach designed to simplify the strenuous lugging of working out so you can focus on just that: working out. Perhaps the most attractive feature of Flex AI is that it’s completely free! Couple this with a dynamite grip on the App Store’s top charts, and Flex AI is hard to miss. We’re calling it the Sims iteration of athletic AI; easy, refined, and masterfully sculpted to fit everyone’s preference. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to slim down or swell up, Flex AI is here to keep your eyes on the prize.

4. Jinka 

Jinka is a nutritious, plant-based tuna alternative that boasts 14 grams of protein, iron, omega 6, and fiber together with zero trans fat and cholesterol. What started as a passion project for a non-profit organization quickly evolved into a healthy, portable, protein-packed snack that mimics the taste of real seafood. In offering a plant-based alternative to tuna, Jinka helps facilitate a greener, more sustainable future. On their site, the brand showcases the versatility of Jinka’s vegan tuna with recipes such as burgers, sandwiches, salads and tacos. 

5. Black Sheep

Founded in 2010, Tidbits Black Sheep is a guilt-free, CBD-infused mini meringue cookie. Produced with all-natural ingredients, Tidbits cookies are also free of cholesterol, fat, gluten and lactose with each pack containing 50mg of Non-Hemp CBD. The snack brand boasts a wide variety of flavors including cotton candy, birthday cake, cappuccino, cookies n’ cream and more. A healthier alternative to cookies, candy and other sweet treats, Tidbits’ uplifting effects work to increase wellness without sacrificing taste. 

6. Berra Bites 

Berra Bites is a sister-owned snack business inspired by the family’s favorite treat—fresh fruits dipped in chocolate. Looking to replicate nostalgic flavors from their childhood, but as a snackable, portable alternative, the sisters conceived the idea for their dark chocolate-covered fruit snack Berra Bites. Available in two flavors, Mixed Berry and Passion Fruit Kiwi, Berra Bites are non-GMO, gluten-free and made out of 100% real fruit and ethically sourced cocoa with no artificial flavorings or preservatives. 

7. Kio Calm

Established in 2020, Kio Calm is an all-natural supplement brand offering a product crafted to reduce anxiety through the use of Eastern plant medicine. Developed by a number of the world’s leading chemists, Kio Calm’s non-GMO, gluten-free formula features a fusion of lavender, magnesium, and vitamin B6—acting together harmoniously, these ingredients produce a calming effect on both the mind and body. As an alternative to pharmaceuticals, Kio Calm tests each batch three times to ensure quality and consistency. Each of their glass bottles contains 30 capsules, and customers can feel the product’s effects within a quick 15 minutes.