Experience Long Island’s Finest Italian-American Style Restaurant: Prime 1024

Dinner choices are always difficult to decide on, whether you have to choose between American style or an Italian cuisine, you can bring your tough decision to an easy pick when you decide to dine with Prime 1024. Noticed for their ability to combine American and Italian style foods, Prime 1024 is a Long Island local favorite. When you arrive at the front doors, the feeling you are greeted with is unmatched. With its glorious contemporary decor, beautiful chandeliers and luxurious booth table settings, you instantly understand why it is a trusted favorite amongst so many. Italian-American Restaurant

Branzino Fish Entree at Prime 1024 Italian American Restaurant located in Roslyn, Long Island, New York
Pappardelle Al Ragu at Prime 1024 Italian American Restaurant located in Roslyn, Long Island, New York
Pappardelle Al Ragu

Prime 1024 provides a combination of Italian classics with American steakhouse cuisine to provide menu options that are nothing less than phenomenal. The elegant menu consists of hand made pastas, fresh seafoods, delicious hand tossed pizzas, paninis, uniquely cooked fresh organic chicken dishes along with classic steak options that are cooked to perfection. The chefs at Prime 1024 use traditional Italian cooking techniques with the freshest ingredients to make sure their dashes are just one cut above the rest. The style that comes from Prime 1024 is unique and makes its really hard to highlight just one dish. With all of the appetizers, pastas, entres, and desserts, it’s almost impossible to pick just one. 

The Black Truffle Margherita pizza is an outstanding appetizer choice for many. Always cooked to perfection, with the finest melted cheese and Black Truffle mushroom, the crust is further charred to provide an enjoyable crunch. For dinner, an entrée that is popular amongst many is the Chicken Diavolo. Prepared with spicy cherry peppers and freshly sautéed spinach, this dish brings a unique spice to a savory plate that is sure to make you want more. Another go to entrée is the 10 oz Filet Mignon, which is seasoned and cooked to a melty perfection and can be enjoyed along with a side of sweet and salty brussel sprouts and or classic mashed potatoes. There truly is no wrong option at Prime 1024. After entrées are served, you can as well look forward to enjoying your choice of classic style homemade cheesecake and or chocolate lava cake paired with a fresh cup of coffee or cappuccino. 

Tiramsu Dessert at Prime 1024 Italian American Restaurant located in Roslyn, Long Island, New York

Located on Northern Boulevard in Roslyn, just a half block away from the iconic Americana Manhasset, Prime 1024 occupies a free-standing modern building that has been elegantly decorated to accommodate the finest of hungry customers. With tall, well-lit ceilings and the most beautiful chandeliers, the restaurant provides an intimate elegance while still maintaining a bright homey atmosphere. As well as a beautiful wall decorated with the finest wines in glass enclosures, the decor is nothing short of a work of art. To receive further information on how you can enjoy a night out at Prime 1024, go to prime1024.com and book a reservation.