Three Bedroom Themes You’ll Fall In Love With

Whatever the size of your space, the bedroom should be a place that promotes relaxation, cosiness and tranquillity. It’s a room that people tend to spend a great deal of time in, so it makes sense to create a welcoming space that appeals to your needs. 

If you’re considering updating your bedroom, there are a variety of themes that can ensure a peaceful ambience. Interior Design Melissa from Hammonds shares her knowledge and predicts these trends for the year ahead: 

Quiet luxury

This style is all about using high quality materials, luxury textures and neutral colours such as white, cream, beige, and brown. While the overall aesthetic in this theme remains minimal, adding darker statement pieces such as fitted wardrobes, can create a layered and classic look. 

As Melissa says, “Instead of the ‘less is more’ principal of minimalism, quiet luxury design is created by layers and dimension achieved through monochromatic neutral tones and good quality, unique furniture”, so consider adding a collection of unique items and soft furnishings to really enhance the personalised aesthetic. 

Modern farmhouse

This style is renowned for its warm ambience and colours inspired by nature. Theming a bedroom in a farmhouse design gives you the opportunity to combine traditional with contemporary and means you can add vintage pieces to reflect the countryside look. 

Modern farmhouse themes should reflect slow living and give a lived-in, homely impression. Choose wooden furniture, storage made from natural materials, and patterned wallpaper. You can also add soft furnishings such as cushions and throws for a cosy feel. 

Indoor plants can enhance the countryside feel and bring your space to life. Choose a variety of different greenery to keep the look simple yet inviting. 

Shabby chic

This antique look is inspired by French designs and works well in a cottage-style home. It combines classic elegance with a vintage look and lends itself to a variety of palettes including pastels and neutrals. 

It’s also considered a romantic design with pale pinks being a key choice for those wanting to recreate the chic look. Melissa recommends using colours such as Dulux Sweet Embrace, which has been awarded the title of ‘Colour of the Year 2024’. 

Floral patterns also work well with this style and it’s easy to incorporate these via curtains, cushions, and bedspreads. Mirrors, vanity units, and other furniture items should reflect the style so choose pieces that look a little rough around the edges. 

The key takeaway about all these themes is the opportunity to add personal touches. This allows you to create a space that works for you and that acts as a welcoming retreat.