Transform Your Gym Into A Luxury Oasis

Pent Fitness Gold Collection Luxury Home Gym Equipment In Premium Materials

Daily or weekly activity is essential for most of us to maintain our overall well-being and a well-rounded physique, but finding the right exercise or motivation to workout is not always easy. Since the pandemic, many exercise enthusiasts have decided to forego gym memberships in place of at-home gym equipment or personal training. Yet, the most discerning customers most certainly have a preference for what their home gym looks like, and PENT. has become the leader in transforming personal gym environments into luxury oasis’.

The Idea Behind Pent Fitness

With an innate foresight into the world of personal fitness, founder and innovator Marcin Raczek saw the fitness space as a fairly untapped market in terms of ultimate luxury. Even the so called nicest fitness equipment and spaces falled short in either overall appearance, quality, or practicality. Customers looking for beautiful things with to surround themselves in their private fitness zone met their match when Marcin Raczek introduced PENT. to the world, founded upon the belief that fitness equipment could be considered a designer piece of furniture and a timeless work of art. Fitness equipment devoid of electronics, made of the best and precious materials, which not only won’t depreciate over years, but will even gain in value as a product that is the crowning achievement of the highest art of craftsmanship and design.

Pent Fitness - Luxury Fitness Equipment - Premium Dumbell with Leather Stand and Wooden Handle

Materials and Craftsmanship

Ultimate luxury can only be obtained when the purest and finest quality materials come together with a simplistic yet educated design expertly crafted. PENT. Fitness founder Marcin Raczek is the main originator, visionary and the person responsible for creating new products. However, the new 2020 collection was designed in collaboration with the main brand’s designer – Joanna Brandys from the Brand’ys Design, a company located in the same city where PENT. originates from – Bielsko-Biała, a city located in the mountains in the southern part of Poland. PENT. prides itself on the fact that the entire production process is performed in-house and manufactured in it’s homeland of Poland. Even the smallest wooden, steel or genuine leather components are made by PENT. employees; not a single production process is outsourced, which means that the company has the opportunity to fully customize and quickly develop new products. PENT. products are made of the best materials available on the market, i.e. highest hardness stainless steel, luxurious natural wood and genuine leather. The result is exercise equipment that becomes an art in itself, allowing bodies and spaces to be transformed into living wonders.

Pent Fitness Gym Applications

Whether seeking a gym solution for a mobile office, living quarters, mega yacht, or commercial space, PENT. has the widest range of luxury fitness equipment in the world to any needs. By providing complete sets of dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, exercise benches, weighted balls as well as all kinds of smaller fitness accessories, such as jump ropes, push-up handles, responsive exercise bands or yoga accessories, PENT. offers a comprehensive assortment of equipment to choose from. Products start at $150 for small fitness accessories and evolve to a fully equipped PENT. gym starting at $15k. Each product or set can be customized in varying finishes including silver or gold toned stainless steel, matched with light oak, rich walnut or black wood, and accented by leather in tan, brown, grey, or black. The neutral color-scheme stays true to today’s modern consumer tastes in maintaining a timeless and elegant look for now and years to come. In 2021, PENT. has branched into the world of e-commerce staying committed to their goal of providing the ultimate standard in fitness equipment to customers worldwide by offer door-to-door international shipping. Discover more at

Pent Fitness Luxury Fitness Equipment for Private Residence. Transform Your Home Gym with Pent Fitness.
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