With A Wink Of Personality, Babe Original Grips The Beauty Market On Self-Expression

We’ve all got a little glamor glowing inside of us, but some may be lacking the tools needed to bring out the best parts of ourselves, and no surprise, considering how saturated beauty markets can be. In the case of Babe Original, simple indulgence takes the cake, and the babe begets the beauty second to none. Officially launched in 2013, Babe Original has been making noise by putting the mic in the hands of everyday people, reminding us that true beauty is irreplaceable and starts from within. Through performance-based formulas and a spice for unapologetic individuality, Babe Original is sculpting a generation of beauties who lead with confidence in their unmistakable allure. 

Initially running as Babe Lash, the beauty brigade adopted a new perspective as Babe Original earlier this year to accurately reflect their existing product line, which also included  Babe Brow and Babe Glow. The rebrand continues to charm and entice our deepest cravings with plans to introduce new and exciting products in the coming months. When they first launched in 2013, Babe Original started small but made big waves in local markets. Since that time, the company has honored their roots in complimentary cosmetics that enhance all shapes and silhouettes while building a versatile collection of creative utility that far outshines your typical market offerings. In the same vein, Babe Original listened to their communities and made some improvements to their price points to reflect a more inclusive audience. Their loyal following on social media has made plenty of noise through the years on the impact of their product line, with many consumers staying true since day one. Babe Original paid it forward by acknowledging consumer demand for more affordable, durable price points that speak to all demographics, positioning the beauty brand as the people’s choice for authentic radiance. To give some perspective, their Enriching Liquid Eyeliner was once $35, but is now offered at just $18. Of course, the only difference is the more inclusive price tag; the quality and turnout are the same we’ve come to know and love for years.

Every brand defines the essence of “beauty” in their own terms, as is their prerogative. For Babe Original, beauty simply translates to being your authentic self, embracing the fire of your natural glow and committing to clean products that support you rather than break you down. Under Babe Original’s leadership, there isn’t one template for brilliance. Their small but mighty line of beauty enhancers work for everyone and always yield bombastic results. The nature of “performance-based” beauty deals in research and result-driven design, ensuring that products follow through with their promise. Babe Original enjoys optimal transparency in their work through a small but dedicated team of product developers who listen and learn from their consumers and deliver what the people want, which is authenticity, honesty, and powerful tools of the trade. With all of this in mind, Babe Original positions itself as the people’s beauty basket, reflecting what it is we actually want rather than pushing unnecessary fluff and fillery. 

 With Babe Original, your favorite products are more like co-pilots that take you where you want to be. Their suite of pop-colored treats get the steel-plated treatment of internal and third-party testing, resulting in cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics that even the stuffiest of beauties would wear loud and proud. The flagship Essential Serum, for example, gently nourishes the most delicate feature of your face, retaining the strength of your lashes so they routinely turn heads with every bat and blush. Babe Original’s development team keeps an open line of communication with their consumers through social media to better understand what works or what doesn’t work, actively discussing amongst each other their own beauty rituals and discoveries to paint a broader picture that’s more inclusive. We all have lashes that deserve some love, and Babe Original’s lash collection speaks to every line of sight. 

In the dazzling department, their Babe Glow chapter works to nurture the most sensual parts of your face, like the Plumping Lip Jelly or their brand new Lip Mask. Your lips are the only skin on your body that’s incapable of hydrating itself, which means one slip of the wrong serum can throw everything out of balance. Our lips are also harbingers of love, language, and lustful kinesics. Babe Original’s lip plumpers feature hydrating ingredients that work from the inside out, giving you a voluptuous shape that’s dripping at all the right angles. 

 With one sweep of mascara, Babe Original has completely redefined our perceptions of beauty. The company deals in confidence, and ensures that confidence is made accessible to any and all who dare to dazzle. Many brands focus exclusively on a chosen lifestyle or a target demographic that supports their product vision, but with Babe Original, it’s quite the opposite. The company’s babes are their source of inspiration, pulling from community and listening to our experiences. Going on nine years of compelling growth and development, maintaining a distinctly humanized energy has always been paramount to Babe Original’s story. At the top of 2022, when it seemed like most beauty brands were increasing their price catalog, Babe Original ran in the other direction and made operational cuts where they could without sacrificing quality, care, and a commitment to clean artistry while permanently decreasing their prices for all products. Their affordable collections appeal to anyone seeking elevated luxe in their day-to-day, sprinkled with pops of color, of course. Just last month, on June 17, the company introduced a handful of products to over 240 Walmart retailers nationwide, putting their lash and brow serums and lash conditioner in front of a much larger audience. Their Walmart presence shares the shelves with other esteemed beauty names like BeautySpaceNK, with plans to introduce new products in the Fall.  

With all of their big babe energy, Babe Original remains poised and confident in their approach to maximizing individuality, supplying a humble, albeit sassy, rotation of beauty products that always kiss and tell.