Aviation Inspired Timepieces by Avi-8

Built upon the passion for aviation, Avi-8 Timepieces produces their watches to appreciate the art of aircrafts and those who dedicate themselves to such incredible machines.

Avi-8 Timepieces History

More than just admiration, the root of Avi-8 Timepieces truly comes down to respect and honor. Looking back into history, it was aircrafts and their flyboy’s that held a prominent part of our country’s defense. The values of progress and protection that were held so firmly then, resonate now into Avi-8’s watches. From the well-sourced materials, military colorways, along with nato and leather straps, the essence of aviation is preserved and well presented. Each Avi-8 design is named and designed after a specific aircraft or aspect of aviation.


Flyboy Lafayette Edition

Dating back to 1916, the Lafayette Escadrille included 38 pilots who flew for France before the U.S. entered World War I. These pilots are often referred to as “the founding fathers of American combat aviation” and precisely where the new Avi-8 timepiece gets it’s name. The Flyboy’s pride and strength has inspired the Flyboy Lafayette Edition in a way that echoes these characteristics in the most symbolic way.

Functionality comes first, with a practical 43 mm case in solid 316 L stainless steel. For an added touch, the case is affixed with a beveled hardened mineral lens. As an update from the classic Flyboy, a Japanese made Seiko ‘meca-quartz’ VK 64 chronograph feature with date movement has been added alongside it’s vintage piston shaped pushers. This feature ensures reliability of accuracy which is all the more important when up in the air. Accents include a genuine leather strap hand stitched with the famous color of the French tricolore – along with the variations of a Black, Cream, or Green dial.

This is a handsome, pilot inspired timepiece leaning on a heroic history yet utterly modern in performance and build. Starting at £175, the Flyboy Lafayette AV-4054 also comes with a matching card holder – making it a true must-have. Save 20% off your order using Promo Code “Luxury20” only at Avi-8.co.uk.

Discover more at Avi-8.co.uk


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