JENTS Footwear


On the search for affordable and well-made loafers, Belgian Canadian shoe designer Andrew Durot decided to embark on his own venture, by filling this space in the market and creating JENTS shoes.

Crafted with the principles of comfort and affordability, JENTS shoes are available in a variety of styles that can be worn day and night, business or casual. The collection offers both mens and women options, each with classic as well as fun finishes.

For ladies, the pointed flats have an open back and lace-up ankle strap, a modern and functional approach to a staple piece.  Both ladies and gents shoes are available in canvas or synthetic uppers, with a vegan leather lining for ultra comfort. Another notable aspect of Jents footwear is that every shoe has an in-sole sock that wicks away sweat, making their company motto “Silde in, No Sweat” a reality.

We also have to give applause the the social conscious behind the brand. In addition to using fully recyclable materials,  Jents offers a cash deposit program where customers can turn-in their old or worn shoes, and they will take care of recycling.

It’s always great to know the products you wear are consciously designed and that those behind the company are committed to responsible practices.

Discover the JENTS collection on their official website,



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