Kaf Grooming: Helping to Make you Look and Feel Younger One Gray At A Time

While getting old is part of the natural progression of life, graying hair no longer has to be thanks to Kaf grooming’s Triple Shot Styling Creams. Kaf grooming is a men’s grooming company whose mission is to establish a new standard in men’s hair care. Through the integration of cutting-edge technology with potent active botanicals, Kaf grooming’s hair products stimulate, style, and strengthen the hair all while adding a note of confidence and poise to your day.

Kaf Grooming is proud to introduce the newest addition to our product line, the Triple Shot Styling Cream collection brewed specifically for graying and salt-and-pepper hair. The revolutionary Triple Shot Styling Creams are non-permanent, color enhanced styling blends designed to help achieve a more youthful look. Scientifically formulated to minimize the appearance of graying hair without the commitment or maintenance of permanent hair color, Triple Shot Styling Creams provide undetectable, long-lasting coverage that conveniently washes out at the end of the day. Used the same way as your current styling product of choice, Triple Shot Styling Creams not only style your hair, but also provide the gray coverage you have been seeking. Whether you wish to cover some or all of your grays, Triple Shot Styling creams are the non-permanent, colored styling solution you have been searching for.

In addition to offering impeccable style and coverage, Triple Shot Styling Creams were skillfully crafted to include the added bonus of enhanced protection. All Triple Shot Styling Creams contain Melitane, a biomimetic peptide that can help inhibit and reverse gray hair, which along with Unicontrizon, helps defend the hair and scalp against the damaging effects of day-to-day environmental stressors. These one of a kind new styling cream are available in 4 different shades to meet the unique needs of our customers, those being Medium-ash Brown, Warm Brown, Dark Brown and Soft Black. While graying hair often symbolizes maturation and knowledge, sometimes you want to revert back to the dark side- if only for the day. To purchase or to learn more about Kaf grooming’s Triple Shot Styling Creams visit KafGrooming.com.



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