Katerina Perez’ World of Fine Jewelry

With a passion for jewelry, Katerina Perez shares a behind the scenes and detailed look at the luxurious world of fine jewelry through her blog KaterinaPerez.com. From watches, gems, and trends from the industries most elite designers and events, you’ll find an array of curated work to learn from and inspire your jewelry dreams.

We got to chat with the talented Katerina, to find out more about how she started and what’s next for her growing jewelry blog. Read on below for the details!


LLM: How did your interest in jewelry begin? Was this a career you always dreamed of?

KP: I have been interested in jewellery for as long as I remember. My mum found a photo of me, when I was about 3 years-old, covered from head-to-toe in my grandmother’s jewellery. Apparently I’d been trying on strings of colorful beads; my favourite pastime when I was little. Both of my parents are artists, so I guess it was only a matter of time until I began building a career in a field connected with art. I did not dream of working with jewellery but destiny lead me to it when I started working in jewelry retail management and later, started writing about all things precious.

LLM: What propelled you to launch your website?

KP: I was working as the jewelry editor for a magazine that was being published every three months. However, there were so many bejeweled treasures out there, which I wanted to share with everyone that one night I ended up setting up my website, katerinaperez.com. It rapidly gained popularity and a year-and-a-half ago, I left all other activities, including the magazine, to focus on my website.

LLM: What is involved with a typical day of work, and what do you love most about what you do?

KP: My work is very creative – I write, shoot editorials with a variety of photographers, attend jewelry viewings, visit international fairs and search for new talents in the industry. Every day is very different from the next, which makes my work extremely enjoyable. I love the ‘treasure hunting’ aspect of my job –researching and finding extremely talented brands and designers, as well as sharing their work with my readers and followers.

LLM: What are your favorite jewelry trends right now?

KP: I absolutely love the trend of wearing mismatched or solo-earrings, I think they emphasize one’s edginess as well as a  daring approach to style. As a big fan of statement jewelry, I believe it has been getting the attention it deserves with statement pieces and stacking/layering jewelry becoming quite trendy.

LLM: Have you considered producing your own collection of jewelry?

KP: Not really, because I believe there is already pretty much everything on the market and it is just a matter of finding it. However, a few designers approached me with the idea of creating a one-off piece together in order to sell it at an auction for a charitable cause.

LLM: What’s next for KaterinaPerez.com and the future of your brand?

KP: The idea behind what I do is to inspire women and have them embrace the beauty of fine jewelry, enjoy precious pieces and wear them everyday as a means of self-expression. For now, I am preparing a series of celebrity interviews about their jewelry style and working on a few art-projects. My goal is to have at least a 50% increase in the website readership and social media followers, and share my passion for fine jewelry with a wider audience.


We couldn’t agree more with the shared appreciation for the jewelry industry, and encourage you to follow along with Katerina’s site to stay informed.

Make sure you visit KaterinaPerez.com to check out her work and stay updated with the latest jewelry trends!


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