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Bespoke work has become a highly valued luxury in modern time. In a day and age when much of

our everyday fashions are mass-produced overseas, there is something to be said of unique one-of-

a-kind pieces. WatchCraft Collection knows the important and value of fine watches, and has made

the experience interesting by providing customization services on luxury timepieces.

As many watch collectors can relate, there are exquisite watches on the market but sometimes

your looking for a 1 of 1 in order to get out of the ordinary watches that everyone wears everyday.

This is where WatchCraft Collection comes in, with talented craftsmen and a watch team to

design or fulfill your needs. They offer a variety of customization options including PVD coating,

hand engraving, and diamond setting. Their work has included customizations on Rolex,

Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Jaeger Le Coultre, Panerai, and Patek Philippe to name a few.


The process of customization is highly complex and trusted by their skilled artisans. It first in-

volves disassembling the watch completely – which can be very tedious as many complex com-

ponents and parts are involved. Any parts that are not being customized are carefully stored, while

the others are sent along to be worked on. Much of the engraving work is done within the UK,

Belgium or France, while all diamond work is completed in Switzerland. Once the parts have been

customized, the timepiece is put back together and goes through a rigorous 24-48 hour testing and

inspection period to ensure it is designed and working immaculately.


WatchCraft Collection keeps the freedom to realize their own in-house designs, which make them

available immediately. Any watches offered for sale takes between 1 to 3 months to be completed.

Read more about WatchCraft Collection and visit their website to

view their current inventory, pricing, and pictures of the work they have done up to today!


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