As The New Owner, Elon Musk fired Twitter’s Top 3 Officials: Here Is What You Need To Know

Elon Musk fires

Soon after Tesla car company CEO, Elon Musk has taken over ownership of Twitter Inc., he fired the top 3 executives. He did this in order to improve the condition of Twitter but provided very little clarity over how he will achieve this ambition which he has outlined before buying stacks of twitter. Elon Musk fires

Moreover, As he acquired a more than 9 percent stake in Twitter by investing $44 billion, he posted on his social media account that the bird is freed referencing Twitter’s bird logo in an apparent nod to his desire to see the company have fever limits on content that can be posted.

Parag Agraval vs. Elon Musk 

As soon as He acquired the control of social network platform, there was a lot of animosity between Parag Agrawal and Elon Müsk as they both had different perceptions and thoughts over managing and handling Twitter’s affairs.

Musk in one of his tweets mentions that “I do not have confidence in management.” And he also added that it is his obligation to let us know that in the current scenario, Twitter is not assisting Elon in improving Twitter.

Moreover, he attacked Parag publicly, and in one of his tweets, he mentioned what did you accomplish this week? But no response was given to it. He further goes on to say joining the board is waste of time.

Becoming the ‘Chief Twit’

After closing the deal on acquiring the social media platform, Musk modified his bio and named “Chief Twit.” 

In a letter to Twitter advertisers, he mentions that he had bought Twitter because the future of society required a shared digital town square.

There is a significant risk that far-left and far-right echo chambers on social media will spread more hate and split our society. Elon Musk fires

In addition above all, he chose not to do it and he did not do it to increase his earnings but he did it in an effort to support humanity, whom he adores. Musk wrote in the letter.