Leading Interior Designer Nina Takesh Raises The Bar For Female Entrepreneurs

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In today’s world, more and more women are raising the bar of success higher than ever, creating well-known businesses in industries such as design, fashion, beauty, interior designer and real estate. (According to careerexplorer.com, for example, 87% of today’s U.S. interior designers are female and 13% are male.)

Standing up for the values they believe in, loving what they do and doing their best to build brands that compete with the biggest names in their field, they are marching forward to gain a place at the head of the table. Whether their passion is channeled into a career with a corporate conglomerate or as a solo entrepreneur, these women have chosen to pursue something they are devoted to, which greatly enhances the chances of success. Do what you love, as they say, and the rest will come.

This maxim perfectly embodies the story of acclaimed interior designer Nina Takesh, who with an eye for interior styling has become one of the most in-demand designers of the decade.

Nina got her entrepreneurial start early in her twenties when she founded Petit Tresor, a luxury baby store in Los Angeles where Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum and Madonna regularly shopped. From there, Nina started up a home-flipping business for which she has remodeled and designed countless houses. Finally, she spends most of her work time these days creating beautiful and unique interiors for global clients of her namesake residential and commercial interior design firm.

Nina stands apart from many other designers and one of reasons for that is her lifetime experience. The opportunity to live in places such as Beverly Hills, France, Switzerland, and Argentina gave her the ability to absorb and take the best from various design styles while developing her own personal style and innovative thinking.

Growing up, Nina spent her summer holidays in Switzerland and in the south of France where her family home was located near Cannes, in the town of Théoule-sur-Mer facing the Bay of Cannes and next to the famous Palais Bulles home of fashion designer and art patron Pierre Cardin. Cardin’s architect, Antti Lovag, turned the house in stunning “architectural madness” envied by many in the fashion world.

Nina’s passion for architecture and design has been inextricably woven into the fabric of her life. Her father was a renowned architect in Iran and her mother had the eye and knowledge of a first-rate designer. Nina built her own family home from the ground up, a 6,000 square foot residence perched in Beverly Hills, and today continues to push the boundaries of design and architecture by incorporating the latest materials and custom furnishings into her work. Nina is not just a designer, she is also a barrier-breaking influencer who is making connections with some of the world’s leading companies, including Fortune 500 companies and renowned appliance companies such as JennAir and Kohler.

With a community of followers that totals over 400,000 followers across multiple social platforms, Nina is always connected with her audience. Constantly posting on the Nina Takesh | Red Elevator YouTube channel, she keeps her followers up to date on the latest trends, inspiration and innovations in home design. Using her experience and dedication, Nina has created a strong brand that needs no introduction in discussions about successful women, while also representing a role model for women who want to choose the path of entrepreneurship. interior designer

In the end, the only question that time will answer is, “With what will Nina surprise us with in the future?” To get that answer, you will have to follow along her journey.